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I had told you I was cleaning out my email…well in the shuffle I missed some emails from Celesta.  If you remember, she’s the one with the Tanzania quilt project.

She writes:
We have been slowed down by making face masks, which is also important, and then I was also dealing with the inconvenience of minor surgery.

The first set of photos are donations from MaryAnne in Perkasie, Pa. She is a prolific quilter and has sent several donations.  We so appreciate her beautiful work and her generosity. The quilts included are from two separate donations. I had held off on including her first batch earlier because some of our quilters still had her quilts they had been working on and hadn’t brought them in when COVID 19 hit and Ohio was in lockdown.

She also included some beautiful panels which any child will love. We all fell in love with her fish panel, which made a delightful baby quilt.

The next two pictures were…

baby quilts made by tops also sent by MaryAnne.

Her quilts are so creative and colorful, plus her workmanship is awesome. She also included backings for most of her quilt tops. Thank you so much MaryAnne for your beautiful work, we all appreciate your talent and generosity.


The next quilts came from Jackie in Houlton, Wa. She had finished all of them, all set to head for Tanzania! Jackie’s quilts are so unique and cute, we all loved them. Thank you Jackie!

The next quilts were tops from Kay in Forest City, Iowa. Her tops and colorful backing are so pretty and I’m sure some little one in Tanzania will fall in love with these too. She has made previous donations, thank you so much, Kay!

“We really appreciate each and everyone who has joined our project. It’s so amazing how generous all you quilters are across the country, and also how creative. At this point, with the virus not wanting to slow down any, we’re not sure when the baby quilts will head for Tanzania. Our trip has been tentatively moved to next year, and Denny and Paula Lofstrom who lead International Health Partners, are still stranded in Kansas. They were hoping to make it back home in Tanzania, but because of the virus are staying here for now. They also aren’t sure when the next container will ship due to the virus concerns, but our hopes and prayers are that they will be able to head home and the quilts will be able to arrive in Zinga too, before too long. The work is going on in Zinga, Tanzania, and if you’re interested in what’s happening with the Tanzania Quilt Project, THIS LINK will help update you. Thanks again for all your help and generosity.”

WOW..I love reading these emails.  It always amazes me when I blog about a charity and all of you step up and jump in to help.  It warms my heart.  Thanks to all of you who donated tops and baby quilts.



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  1. So much generosity! It is really fun to see these quilts. And I have to say, while each of them sparks my desire to do more charity quilting, I am especially drawn to the quilts Maryanne is making with the string of little diamonds across it. Such a simple pattern but so eye-catching.

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