Community Quilts: Tanzania Quilters

Celesta sent another email with pictures of the latest quilt finishes for the Tanzanian Quilt Project.

Celesta writes:

I have some more baby quilts we’ve finished. I think with garden produce getting ready, and still making masks, everyone has slowed down on finishing baby quilts, but with cooler weather and not as much outside work, I’m sure we’ll get to catching up again.

The first quilt top came from Teresa in Orem, Ut. She writes that she started this quilt top just before her daughter was born, she is now 25 and decided a mother could use this quilt in Tanzania. That sounds like some of my projects that haven’t gotten finished yet, but it’s never too late!


The tulips in her quilt are so cute, and the narrow blue border with the red and white stripes really make the tulips shine.


The second and the third set of quilts come from… Kay again, in Forest City Iowa. She is a prolific piecer, and what a beautiful job she does. She uses simple designs, but her colors and the way she puts them together are beautiful. The second set includes the Berenstein Bears, a character both of our daughters loved and never got tired of hearing about. The other quilt is really an ingenious way of using up scraps and making them pop.

Thank you to both of these ladies, and to everyone that has helped our ministry. The baby quilts are adding up, if this pandemic ever ends, we’re hoping to be able to help fill up another container and ship to Tanzania. Thank you to Jo, for all you’ve done to promote our ministry.”

I know there will be several of you who want more information about the Tanzania Quilt Project.  You can read more about the mission HERE.  If you are considering a donation, you can contact Celesta at this email address

Thanks to everyone who has helped Celesta and friends through your donations…it’s awesome!!

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  1. Beautiful quilts. I love to quilt, especially baby quilts. I would like nothing more than to make a few quilts for your donation box. God opens so many doors & uses us in so many ways, I believe this is a door of opportunity .

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