Community Quilts…Ronda’s been busy

Ronda’s been busy again!  I love Ronda emails.  They truly brighten my day.

Ronda writes:
The first top with the asymmetrical pattern in browns and greens was one that you forwarded on to me from Jan in Wisconsin“.

She also sent the fabric that I used for the backing and binding.  It finished at 52 X 59 and since it’s not so girly-girly will be a good one to go to the Father’s with Children Shelter.”

The second top was sent to me from Debbie in Holland, NY“. I told Debbie, at first, that I thought this top should be custom quilted ~ which I don’t do.  I had it hanging in the queue for a while before I got up the nerve to just go ahead and do a pantograph.  After all that worrying and fretting, I am happy with the way it turned out“.

The backing came from Karen S. in Chino, California and the purple binding is from my stash.  This quilt is 43 X 55 and I’m considering saving it for the Annual Humane Society Quilt Auction“.

That won’t happen again until next August, though, so it is a little early to start putting a few quilts aside for them.  The quilts with animals of any kind on them usually do pretty well so I guess I just talked myself into making a space on a shelf for the auction quilts“.

Oh my…isn’t the lama quilt cute??  I love the first one too.  I never thing to do asymmetrical designs.  I should.  I’m so impressed by the quilts and the great background fabrics.  How fun!!

Great work ladies!  I got in a big box of donated tops that I’ll tell you more about next week.  I’m so happy to be a part of all this.  Thanks to everyone who donates.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts…Ronda’s been busy”

  1. Both quilts are wonderful! I am always amazed at the quilt tops donated for charity! Rhonda is such an inspiration! Great job to everyone!

  2. Both quilts are fabulous! The church quilting group I go to decided to make an asymmetrical quilt and we were sewing the blocks together when one of the older ladies in our group arrived and started moving the blocks around because the quilt wasn’t centered!! Yikes! Now we call that quilt “Kay’s quilt”. She could have been an engineer:)

  3. I like both quilts. I’m partial to making asymmetrical quilts, I think that fits my personality And the lama quilt is colorful and cheery. Thanks all who were involved in the making of these quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I love that the quilt tops donated for charity quilts aren’t the thrown-together-any-which-way quilts. They are beautifully pieced and obviously made with skill/care. I always feel that a charity quilt should get the same love and care that a quilt I would make for a family member. Kudos to the quilters who donate such beautiful quilts!!!

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