Community Quilts: Ronda Edition

Ronda has been busy.  She was so sweet and didn’t send any photos for finished quilts for a bit while I was busy sorting out my life.  Now I’m up and going so the “eye candy” of Ronda’s amazing community quilts is back.

Ronda writes:
I thought I’d better start sending you some pictures of the quilts that I’ve finished up before I forget who sent me the tops/fabric, etc.

The first top was one you sent me that had been donated to you anonymously.”

I love all the striped fabrics!  It makes it look like a string pieced quilt, when actually it’s just a clever use of stripes. 

The backing came from Karen V. in St. George, Utah and the binding came from Nikki in Virginia.  The colors of the stars match perfectly with the stripes to make for a “stars and stripes” baby quilt.  This will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The next top came from Jean D. in Seguin, Texas.  The center is just one big piece of fabric which was bordered with the orange fabric.  This just goes to show that you don’t need an intricately pieced top to make a child’s quilt, as long as you have a cute print to start with.”

The backing and binding came to me from you and I think you said you got it originally from Sandra in Texas.  If you look closely at the print of the backing, it looks like little whales!  This is also going to the Ronald McDonald House.

The third top was sent to me from…
Diane M. in Washington.

I added the border to this nicely pieced string top to frame it and make it just a bit bigger.”

The backing, binding, and border fabric all came from you, and again, I think you said you got it originally from Sandra in Texas.  This will be donated to the Fathers with Children Shelter.”

Wow.  I love all of these quilts.  It just goes to show that a fancy pattern isn’t needed to make a cute quilt.  The kids who will get these are so lucky to get a big quilt hug every time they use them.  Congrats ladies on coming together to make some great quilts!!


11 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Ronda Edition”

  1. I love to see the quilts that Ronda finishes. It gives me some ideas on different patterns. All the quilts are lovely and all involved did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a delightful array of quilts, Ronda. This email must have brought you some joy, Jo, all down to your thoughtful caring idea originally: to expand your charity donation quilt making by outsourcing to other volunteers. Ronda does amazing work with the supplies you send her way.

  3. Penny Holliday

    What great quilts for charity! Ronda is so creative! I think the kids that receive these are going to be so happy & feel so loved! Thx for sharing!

  4. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Thanks for the beautiful pics! I have a bin of 1 1/2″ scrap strips. Maybe a quilt in my future. And love the shirt stripes! I think I have a bunch of those as well. Love the ideas.

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    Beautiful quilts made by a combination of beautiful hands. So nice to see these donations going out and the hard work of love that goes into them.

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