Community Quilts: Ray’s Mail Call

Ray’s mailbox overfloweth with goodness. Ray is sharing the bounty with all of us today. He writes:

Pat A. in FL is cleaning up her stash and I am the fortunate recipient of some of her excess fabric. This package contained some very nice blues and yellows and neutrals.

Some of those blues and yellows would make some gorgeous quilts. I must admit, I am a bit partial to the blue/yellow combination.

I received a box via USPS from Chris H. in AZ that had several quilt tops in it. She says that some of the tops are the result of assembling blocks that Sherry G. made. The non-red/white/blue quilts are a result of her destashing. They are all wonderful and much appreciated.

The first quilt is a rail fence pattern using bright, bold batik fabrics. WOW!! Does that quilt demand your attention? It measures 38 x 38.

Next is a beautiful red/white/blue quilt for a veteran. Such pretty colors and fabrics. It measures 53 x 64.

Next is a quilt with alternating blocks of nine patch and an on pointe square. Great quilt with a lot of interest. It measures 54 x 60.

Next are two more quilts that must have started out as blocks from Sherry since the fabrics are identical in both quilts. They both measure 54 x 64.

I am guessing the last one also originated with Sherry but Chris added a special creative touch to it. Love the design. I never would have thought of that configuration. It measures 48 x 48.

Thank you Chris. The vets will love them.

I’m so excited to see the patriotic quilts rolling in. I am sure Ray will be prioritizing them as his first to do quilts so they are ready for the Veterans Program in the Fall. Many thanks to all who send goodies Ray’s way. If you have a patriotic quilt that you’d like to donate, contact Ray at

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