Community Quilts: Ray Edition

I told you a bit ago, I have a new person who contacted me about finishing quilt tops.  I am thrilled!!  Meet Ray!

Ray writes:

“…. It has taken me a bit to get organized and to procure materials to begin work on the 12 quilt ops you sent me. Of course, I had masks to make in the middle of everything as well. I should be sending pics and info on the tops as I get them done as I have my other projects out of the way and can now focus on the 12.

They are all wonderful tops and so interesting in shape and color and design. Love them all.”

The first one I tackled was from Joann in CA. It was a purple square in a square top.”

Here it is all finished…

“I found a quilt backing that was purple butterflies. To me the butterflies and the floral prints belonged with each other.” 

“I used a floral e2e design to quilt.”

“The quilt was big enough that for Project Linus requirements that I did not have to add any border. Quilt was 44″ x 50”.” 

If I left out anything, let me know. I really appreciate getting to be a part of this great community of givers.”

Next up is the other purple top. I will be using the same backing fabric and e2e design. They remind me of sisters. Lots of similarities but still unique.”

Thanks so much Ray for your wonderful work. I think the edge to edge design you choose what perfect.  I’ve heard people say that the machine quilting is “frosting”…on this quilt, it definitely is!!

Ray is doing the quilts for Project Linus.  If there is anyone out there that has backing fabric that you want to part with, Ray could use some.  I think it’s so awesome when someone comes forward to finish these tops.  One of the best ways we can support them is donating what they can use.  Here is Ray’s contact info you have something that might be useful.  THANKS SO MUCH…  Feel free to send a note to Ray…

A big shout out also to Joanne in CA for the wonderful top!!



6 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Ray Edition”

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Beautiful top, Joanne! I love all those floral prints.

    Fabulous quilting, Ray! You certainly picked out wonderful backing, binding, and quilting pattern for Joanne’s pretty top.

    Some little girl is going to love this one.

  2. That quilt ‘sings’. Thanks to all involved. It will make some little person happy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful quilting. I love the way you incorporated the floral quilting design. I have a queen size that needs quilting. I may be calling you!

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