Community Quilts: Ray Edition

YAHOO…more community quilts are in.  These are from the talented Ray.  I so appreciate having him onboard the community quilting project!!  Without further ado…here are the Ray and Stoney quilts…

I just finished another quilt. This one was made by Stoney M. in WIsconsin.

Stoney does a wonderful job of using fabrics to make awesome quilt tops. The pattern is simple yet fibrant with color. She also included the green print flannel fabric for the back which greatly complements the top.
The quilt measures 42 x 55 which is a great size. I used a butterfly pattern when I longarmed it.

What a cheery and bright quilt!!

I think I am on a roll again with finishing quilt tops. This is another top and back from Stoney M. in Wisconsin…

Stoney makes tops that are fun and exciting and this is no exception.

I love the cat fabric and the cats all have such interesting and mischievous looks about them. I found a bubble pattern for the quilts and love how it turned out.

The cats are saying I know nothing about where the bubbles came from.

Backing is a red flannel to make it soft and cuddly. What a fun quilt!

Thanks to Stoney and Jo for all of your wonderful support.

I agree with Ray…a simple pattern but such awesome color in these tops Stoney made.  Ray’s quilting adds a great spice to the tops too!!  Thanks so much Stoney and Ray.  I love both of the quilts.

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7 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Ray Edition”

  1. Love both quilts! The bright colors and simple pattern makes for an easy donation quilt! Love Ray’s choices of the butterfly and bubble quilting patterns!

  2. The pattern they chose, Quick Strippie, by Mary Johnson at Mary, is one of my favorite ”Go To” patterns. The pattern comes together quickly and is a perfect donation quilt. Your quilting matches the fabric and theme of the quilt too.

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