Community Quilts: Ray Edition

Before I get into today’s post I wanted to let you know that I have a blog reader who is cleaning out her sewing room.

Karen writes:
I have a few finished tops and blocks from swaps I did years ago as well as things that were given to me through the years that I never got around to working with.  Those are mostly UFOs that someone else started and gave up on.  :-D  I have a couple of cross stitch projects for someone to finish if you know of anyone who enjoys that.  They’re not counted cross stitch, they’re the stamped Jack Dempsey quilt blocks for baby quilts.”

Karen is located near Amarillo, Texas and is wondering if there are any charity groups in the area that might be interested in donations…or if there are any interested cross stitchers who would like projects to finish.  I can help you get connected.  It would be great if you were in driving distance to save postage costs.  Let me know at if you’re interested.  I’ll give you Karen’s email and you can chat.

Ray has been quilting like crazy.  The children who receive quilts from Project Linus in Florida are so lucky to have him.  We’re all lucky to have him on the community quilt team.

I sent this top to Ray….

..and here it is finished.
Ray writes:
Got another quilt done. I really like how this one came out.”

The quilt is a great size at 54″ x 54″. Love the pattern and the combination of fabrics.”

Because of the colors and pattern I went with a curvy pattern with low density stitching so as to not take away form the quilt top.

I loved this quilt as soon as I saw it and was so impressed with it.  It was hard for me to believe that someone had gone to so much work and then donated it.  Ray really make it shine.

Ray pictures of another quilt too…This is the top I sent….It was so cute with the fabric featuring lots of cats.

..and here’s the magic Ray did on it.

Ray writes:
Got another quilt done. This quilt is so cute for a cat lover.”

Quilt size is 48″ x 52″ and was ready to be quilted as soon as I found backing. Could not find a colored backing which I prefer due to the mix of colors, pink, black and white. Finally settled on a white on white backing.”

I selected a stipple quilting pattern as it reminded me of yarn on the floor after a cat has had its fill of fun.”

Yahoo!!  Aren’t the quilts great? That’s two more quilts on to Project Linus.  Thanks so much to the makers of the quilts.  It’s so rewarding for me to see the quilts come and to see the awesome work that the longarmers like Ray do with them.  THANKS to all who make these happen.

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  1. Those quilts are really cute! There are a couple of women who run a group called Covered in Love in East Texas who make quilts for patients dying in the hospital that their families can take home afterwards. They take donations of quilts and tops and blocks, etc. This is their blog: You might want to check them out if you don’t already know about them. Maybe you can both help each other out.

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