Community Quilts: Ray and Stoney Edition

My email has been hopping!!  I have lots of finished community quilts coming in and that makes me so happy!!  Today’s quilts were sent to Ray from Stoney….the quilts came in three separate emails.

Ray writes:

Got another quilt top from Stoney M. in Wisconsin done.
It is a beautiful baby quilt. Stoney used complimentary fabric to highlight the Baby Blessing panel. I just love how it all came together. The backing is a piece of baby-themed flannel that I had for another project.

The binding was found in the recently received stash. I used a butterfly pattern for the quilting so the quilting would not detract from the messages in the tops.

Many thanks to… all for the donations to make this quilt a blessing for some special baby.

I just finished another quilt top that Stoney M. in Wisconsin sent me.

She does such a wonderful job of selecting colors. The top is so pretty. She also sent me the brown flannel backing to go with the top. The backing was a bit small so I used some leftover blue flannel that coordinated to make it large enough.  The patterns in the fabrics for the top were so interesting that I used a stipple pattern but opened it up more than normal so that it would not conflict with the fabric patterns. The green border fabric came for my new stash.


Thanks to all for contributing to the joint effort for another great community quilt that will be enjoyed by some lucky person.

Attached are pics of the latest Stoney M. quilt that I finished.


It is so bright and cheery it will make you smile.

Love how Stoney M. in Wisconsin put these blocks together. Also the top and the back are flannel. The owl backing is a hoot. Please pardon the pun. I just could not resist. Found some blue fabric in my stash for the binding. It is now all set to put a smile on a face and keep someone warm as well.

Thanks again to Jo and Stoney for all of your support on these quilts.

WOW…three more quilts finished.  That is an awesome accomplishment.  Thanks so much to Stoney and Ray for teaming up on these to make some people very happy.  I’m so glad to see finished quilts.  I was so worried about COVID that people wouldn’t be getting together to make charity quilts…but I think, it’s turning out okay.  That makes me happy.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Ray and Stoney Edition”

  1. Love seeing these beautiful quilts for charity. Ray takes care with each step to enhance what is already there. Sure didn’t take long for him to put that car FULL of stash to good work!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I really like that owl backing on the last quilt hoot and all. The baby blessing quilt is cute and the quietly pretty stripe quilt. All special. Thanks Jo, Stoney, and Ray.

  3. Ray your finishes are truly lovely, the design for top quilting surely adds to those lovely tops from Stoney. I like how it all comes together to help others out, quilters really are givers of there talents. Thanks for the great post Jo and keeping us all linked together.

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