Community Quilts: Quilting with Ray

Ray has been busy making his was through the tops that Joann in CA sent.  Here are another two from the Joann/Ray combo team.

Here is the first top I sent to Ray:

Ray writes:
I am still working away on the quilt tops you sent me that Joann in CA sent to you. Today I have a pair of tops that I call brothers. If you recall I sent pics of another pair that I called sisters. The brother tops both have a significant amount of black in them and have a good rugged look to them that remind me of boys.”

“The first top is red, white and black in a pinwheel pattern. Lots of Scotty dogs in the prints. The top was originally 30″ x 39″ which was too small for Project Linus locally.”

I found some fabric with dog bones in the pattern that complement the original top. The two additional borders made the quilt size 42″ x 51″. I used a stipple pattern to quilt so as to not take away from the wonderful lines in the top.”

A simple dark gray backing and you have a quilt that should not show a great deal of dirt that only boys can seem to find.”

Here is the second top I sent to Ray…

Ray writes:
“The second top is red, blue, white, black and gray in color. The fabrics have Ninjas and oriental designs in them. Definitely ready for that Ninja warrior.”

This quilt was on the small side as well at 27″ x 42″. Thanks for including the extra fabric with the oriental writing for me to use as one of the borders. I found a blue fabric which I think complements the entire quilt to get it up to 44″ x 59″.”

I found a quilt pattern called broken glass and just had to use it. What is a good Ninja fight without a lot of broken glass!

Many thanks to Joan and you for the tops. I am sure they will make some kids excited to have with Project Linus.”

Here is a photo with the two tops together…AWESOME!!

Oh WOW…what awesome work on the part of Joann and Ray.  You two make a great team!  Thanks so much for the great eye candy today.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Quilting with Ray”

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Beautiful job, Joann! Beautiful finish, Ray! These quilts came together like they were planned from the start. Quilters are so creative.

    Now that we are reading a lot about Ray’s quilting efforts, the adoring public wants more details about the back story. So Ray, tell us: What kind of longarm machine do you use? How long have you been quilting? What’s your stash like (you always seem to have the perfect fabric to compliment the quilt tops you receive)? Do you have any furry children to help you quilt? Do you feel strange being a guy in a mostly-gal quilting world? Do tell all.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Those brother quilts are so attractive. The added borders really bring out the theme of the quilts. Wanting to see more of the Jo/Ray combo quilts.

  3. I like that there were two sister quilts and now there are two brother quilts. Being the mother of four boys, I always try to make quilts for the little guys of the world. Ray is doing a great job on these!!

  4. Can you tell us what size quilts Ray needs for Project Linus? I looked up our local Linus group and it looks like they do fleece blankets. Do other groups have a certain size that they want when you send them quilt tops?

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