Community Quilts: Quilt Top Parade from Ray and Heather!!

I have a wonderful parade of quilts from Ray and Heather to share with you today.

Ray writes:
A while back Heather emailed me about sending some twin-size quilts my way. I said that would be great as the foster care group likes twin-sized quilts. Well, yesterday the package arrived and inside it were 10 quilts. So here goes another quilt show.

The first one is a variation of a block quilt. See the interest that the two different block sizes create. The teal-green solid really sets off the prints. It measures 66 x 79.

Next is a checkerboard variation. The blocks are 4 by 7 instead of the standard square block. Check out the variety of colors and prints in it. It measures 66 x 86.

To me, the next top is… a four-patch of hourglass blocks. Beautiful quilt and such interesting fabrics. It measures 73 x 85.

The next one is a variation of the rail fence. Some of the blocks are three rails and some are 5 rails. Lots of interest in the design and layout. It measures 61 x 80.

The next quilt is a blast of colors and fabrics. I have no idea as to what the pattern is but it works out great. I am sure it used up a BUNCH of odds and ends. It measures 65 x 89.

Love the design and arrangement of this quilt. It is an alternating pattern of 4 HSTs and a large block. Wow!! Does it ever grab your attention? It measures 68 x 88.

Four patch block patterns will never be the same again. She turned them on point and alternated them with neutral gray blocks. Just to make sure this quilt has your attention there is a double border of plum and of teal. And the borders have mitered corners. Wow!! It measures 68 x 85.

This one is an interesting jelly strip-type quilt. The strips are alternated with solid pink fabric. Also, note that there are 2 different heights of rows in use. It measures 67 x 81.

This quilt is a 4 patch variation and set in a rainbow fashion. Beautiful! Love the wide variety of fabrics. It measures 67 x 86.

And last but definitely not least is this big beauty. Heather started with a single piece of fabric for the center. Then she added borders and borders to make it bigger and bigger and more interesting. Wow!!. It measures 82 x 82. Oh, and she included a pieced backing for this one.

Totally awesome!!

Wasn’t that a great parade?  WOW, Heather.  Great work and so wonderful that you shared these tops with all of us and now they will go on and be finished to help others.

Heather is a master at scrappy quilts.  I love them all and love her use of color.

I am going to take a second here and point one thing out to all of you readers.  Did you see this quilt top and recognize anything?

I have this block listed as a free pattern here on the blog.  You can find it HERE.

What a fun parade.  Doesn’t it just make you want to go sew a scrappy quilt??

15 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Quilt Top Parade from Ray and Heather!!”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Beautiful parade of quilts. I want to make not just one but hopefully a whole stack of quilts. They were all the kinds I like.

  2. Beautiful quilts! Well done! The scrappy quilt is “Two Step” by Missouri Star Quilt Company.. Very fun quilt to make. Tutorial is on YouTube.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Your choice of interesting fabrics and patterns make these quilt tops,Heather. Ray, I sure you are already selecting the perfect motif for each top. My thanks to each of you!!

  4. Scrappy quilts are the best. Thanks to Heather for great piecing and the useful sizes. Also, thanks to Ray for sharing Heather’s work and to Jo for providing the forum for this to happen. I love a good quilt show!

  5. I recognized that quilt or at least I thought it was yours. So glad you mentioned that it is one of yours. These are all beautiful quilts. I hope we get to see them once Ray quilts them. Thank you Ray and Heather!

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderfully scrappy quilts. I really like the way you calmed down the scrappiness with the solid fabrics. To me, it keeps the quilt from being less chaotic and the individual print fabrics to stand out. Thanks for that approach to putting scraps together. Yes, it does make me want to start a scrappy quilt or few.

  7. when I look at these beautifully created gifts from the heart, the projects I have been working on look so pathetic. How did I think these things were gift-worthy ??

    1. Brenda Lynne, please don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ll bet your projects are as charming, in their own way, and the love you put into making them will be much appreciated by the recipients.

  8. Beautiful quilts, and yes, it does make me want to go off and make scrappy quilts, will be saving this post and looking at them all to work out the patterns

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