Community Quilts: On a Roll with Ray

I’m catching up on some emails and discovered several from Ray.  I’m getting them all together and put into blog posts.  Happily, there will be lots of news from Ray this week.

Ray writes:
“Sue S. from MO had some baby quilts that she wanted to send to me and I was more than happy to accept them. They are all adorable. She said she pieced them using her husband’s great-grandmother’s 1939 Singer Featherweight. WOW!!

* Love the awesome colors and fabrics in the hourglass blocks that she alternated with white blocks to make prints pop. It measures 41 x 41.

* Sue used the white fabrics to make…

the prints shine in the row quilt with blocks and HSTs. Loe the design. Simple but eye-catching. It measures 45 x 46.

* Another variation of a rail fence pattern. Love the way she alternated the dark prints with the orange ombre fabrics. It measures 38 x 38.

* Next are two quilts with puppy dogs in the center. However, the borders are very different. One has piano keys and the other has traditional borders. Both measure 41 x 41.

* Babies and love just go together. Love the patchwork heart in the center and the bordering around the center. It measures 40 x 38.

Thank you, Sue.


Sometimes you just need to make a quick quilt so you can say I did get something accomplished. Somehow the strip pieces for this quilt slid off the shelf. Since it is so close to Easter, I decided I needed to strip piece them.

Five seams and I had a quilt in record time. I do not know who sent me the strips, unfortunately.

Doreen C, sent me the pink polka dot backing.

I think it makes a great combination. I decided to use the butterfly motif with a pink thread. Happy Easter!!! My thanks to you, Anonymous, and Doreen for the assistance in getting another quilt ready to donate.”

I totally agree with Ray that sometimes it is fun to have a nice quick project to give yourself a boost.  Few things, in my sewing life, beat a finished project except maybe a newly cleaned sewing room!!

Thanks to everyone who has donated.  As things get crazier with donations, which we greatly appreciate, it gets harder and harder to keep track of who donated what.  Often times things get tagged, we think we’re going to use them, and then our catches on something else and we use it instead…that’s when the tags fall off or get misplaced.  Please know that every single donation is greatly appreciated and as always, we apologize for the times when we misplace who donated which items.


5 thoughts on “Community Quilts: On a Roll with Ray”

  1. Such generosity of fabric, shipping, tops, batting, time… all of it! It makes my heart glad to see that there are wonderful folks in the world who try to make life better for others.
    Isn’t it interesting that, like Jazz, Ray has a friend named “Anonymous” ? LOL!

  2. Very nice quilts. It is always fun to see the variations of a simple pattern. Thanks Ray, Doreen, and others who made these beauties!

  3. I really don’t know how Ray finds the time to do so much for everybody.
    It really is fantastic how he is pumping out the quilts constantly. The binding of all of the quilts also takes a lot of time.
    I am a longarmer and sometimes the quilting for us is the easy part, it’s the finishing off of the quilt which takes the time.
    Bless you Ray.

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