Community Quilts: News from Ray

I have news from Ray today.

He writes:
Kris J, in UT, emailed me that she has a stash of quilting fabrics that she needs to purge. She says she is getting older and arthritis in her hands is making it very difficult to sew. Therefore she wanted to know if I would like some of her stash to use for community quilts. I said I would very much appreciate whatever she wanted to share. Boy did she ever share!! I received two LARGE boxes from the UPS man. There is a lot there and I will try to explain what I received. Of course, there are pics attached.


On the right side is a nice piece of yellow Minky. Behind it is a nice cut of batik. To the left of that is a UFO with some blocks sewn as well as pieces cut. Below that are several different cuts, mainly red.

There are 2 different cuts of large floral prints that will make great feature blocks. There is a UFO of HSTs. There is a UFO of paper-pieced fans. OMG! The work that went into those. To the right of the fans is another UFO of small blocks. Lots of string strips and a package of charm squares in the upper left corner.

Middle left are some red-themed pinwheel blocks. Below that is a red-themed block UFO. There are more UFOs that I have not had time to look at in detail as well as some very neatly folded and tied fabric bundles.

The top right is a bag marked “Ray” with a red-themed UFO. Below that is a purple-themed UFO of blocks. Top left is another neatly folded and tied-up bundle of fabric. The bottom left is a UFO to investigate.

More neat bundles of fabric. Eat your heart out, I now have a bag of Bonnie Hunter neutrals. It may not be big but you have to start somewhere. The bottom left is an assembled kit for a project.

The top left is a wonderful stack of flannel cuts. To the right is a stack of brown-themed cuts. On the bottom right are more strips. The bottom left is a cut that went in my QOV box.

That was the first box.

Here are the continents of the second box:

The blue fabric in the bottom right is a chenille UFO of blue and orange. Gorgeous colors. Above that is a string block UFO. To the left is a bag of Halloween-themed strings.

The top left is some nice cuts of pinks. To the right are some cuts of blacks and grays. Below that is a prepackaged kit. The bottom right is some really nice purples. Then there are 4 more UFOs to investigate.

The bottom left is a stack of red-themed cuts. The other three stacks are flannels of a variety of colors and themes. FUN!!

There is a great stack of brown cuts and then a UFO bag at the bottom.

Here are two UFOs and some extra blocks. The blocks on the left appear to be ready to sew together. The UFO on the right is already sewn together.

There was also a quilt top that is ready to be long-armed. Love all the nine-patch blocks set on point. with all those small blocks it must have taken hours to cut and piece. The end result is beautiful. It measures.  52 x 52.

Ray also had a quilt to share…

He writes:
There is an expression I grew up with. Cute as a bug in a rug. That describes this cute little quilt.

My notes are not the best on this quilt but I think they came from Becky. My apologies if I have the name wrong.

The prints in the pinwheels are adorable. I could not decide on a motif for a while because I wanted to make sure the quilting was all but invisible. I finally decided on the bone thread and the circle meander motif, I think it worked.

The backing came from Colleen M. in MN, I used white thread on the back.

My thanks to you, Becky, and Colleen for the goods to make this sweet little quilt.”

WOW…Ray is right.  That is as cute as a bug in a rug.  I love the 30s vibe the quilt has going on.  I still have a 30s quilt on my to-do list.

Many thanks to all of those who donated to make this quilt and donations happen.


11 thoughts on “Community Quilts: News from Ray”

  1. She knew the right person to send it to. You will make her treasures not end up in a trash can. Ray is amazing. I’m always impressed with the kindness and generosity of quilters. If you ever come across white background Charlie Brown Christmas fabric, please hold for me. I need about 1 yard to finish a quilt.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Ray you have been giving of your time, supplies and money. The Lord has blessed you through the lady who sent you the boxes of goodies. You are going to be having so much fun.. Thanks for sharing with. Thank you Jo for sharing with us.

  3. Lovely haul and so generous of Kris! I enjoy seeing the fabric people have and always brings a smile to see a familiar fabric. Being a Bonnie Hunter fan, I think those purple scraps in a bag are from En Provence and the brown and coral scrap bag from On Ringo Lake. I see those neutrals together were labeled for Jamestown Landing. Looking forward to seeing what Ray will do with them!

  4. Thank you Kris J for your generous donations to Ray. I know he will love working thru these treasures! I wanna play at Ray’s house :-)

  5. Ooo, I think Ray hit the JACKPOT!! Lots of super cute goodies in that shipment. Should keep Ray outta trouble for awhile, HA!

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Such a lovely donation from Kris—Ray you will be dreaming for awhile figuring out new quilts from these beautiful fabrics. The circle meander motif you chose for the pinwheel quilt was a perfect choice!!

  7. I love how giving and loving all your blog readers are (aside from the occasional comment that isn’t). In the world we live in today, it brings me a hope and joy knowing there is still love, and compassion and generosity and a place to enjoy other quilters where feelings aren’t driven by political affiliation. It’s refreshing and truly brings me hope of a better tomorrow. So a thanks to you for all the blogging, goodness, and time to give to us, and for bringing together beautiful people and hearts!

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