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Ray sent me several emails again.  I put them all together in one post for you.  I am so happy that many of you are working to send your goodies out directly to quilt finishers.  That saves so much of my time and saves a bunch of money on postage.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

The mail person has been a bit busy with packages from your blog readers. Today I got a box of 10 quilt tops from Marci V. in Idaho. Those tops have a lot of mileage on them and probably more to go before they get to a final destination. Marci is one of your blog readers and contacted me about sending me some tops. OMG!! What a set of beauties!!

I am not going to… spend a great deal of time describing each and every one of them as they fall into some general categories and then each stands on its own personality. They are all approximately 40 x 60. Wonderful lap quilt sizes especially for care facilities. Two of the quilts are string rail fence quilts. The others are deviations of square in a square. Top that off with an unbelievable variety of fabrics. Talk about I Spy quilts. You could spend hours looking at each one and still not see all there is to see. Enjoy!!

Amy S in NH emailed me that her quilt guild had an auction and she had cleaned up leftovers and odds and ends from the auction. Lots of UFOs. Would I be interested in receiving the goodies? Of course, I said yes, and here came a large USPS box stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. I have never seen a box packed with so much stuff in it before and nothing was vacuum sealed either.

Attached are 6 pics and I will try to describe what is in each pic.

1 – In the front are 5 nice pieces of fabric. The top left has red and purple swirls. I laid it with some red hat fabric for another project. There are 3 pieces that went in the QOV box. The small piece in the plastic is a dark green floral. Behind that are some odd blocks looking for a purpose.

2 – The three pieces in plastic with orange tags are panel projects. Love the 2 airplane blocks. There was a stack of 5″ squares. I have not opened the package with the green and pink fabric. The package in the upper right has a project to make 2 fish pillows.

3 – See above for the two packages on the left. Bottom right is a large panel to make some pillow covers. Above that is a project with some birds in the print.

4 – Top right are two blocks with pheasant pics in the center. Bottom right is a stack of blocks with vintage pics appliqued in place. Upper left is a beautiful, single block.

5 – Bottom right is a stack of log cabin blocks that need to be trimmed and sewn together. Hopefully, they are all close to the same size. Upper left is a Joann block of the quilt that has all 12 months. I sent this on to Paulette H. in WI today. She agreed to piece it for me and then return it to me to long arm. I never would have gotten it done if I kept it and she has finished a couple of kits and set the tops for me to finish.

6 – Bottom are 6 pinwheel blocks ready to be made into a top. Above are 5 complete and 1 in-process blocks that will also make a beautiful top.

Lots of potential in that box.

Next, I got some pictures of the second quilt from Nancy M in AL today. Nancy sent me two quilts to long arm and to add to the quilts for the Airing of the Quilts in the spring. This is another beautiful batik with strong, vibrant colors.

She calls the pattern Maui Stars, There are so many star patterns and deviations that she is not sure if it is original or not. The quilt got the name as she made it for a class she taught in Maui, HI. What a great place to teach and take a quilt class!! While she was there she bought Hawaiian fabrics to make another quilt that she is keeping. It has to be GORGEOUS!!

I decided to use a tipple motif in a light blue thread for the quilting.

Unfortunately, I do not recall who sent the batik backing fabric but it is perfect for this quilt.

My thanks to you, Nancy, and the backing donor for your generous contributions. The quilt will be awesome hanging on the clothesline.



4 thoughts on “Community Quilts: News from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Wow, Ray you were sent some beautiful tops and “stuff” to work with! Thanks to those who contributed.
    It’s always fun to see what is sent and of course they way you “finish” each quilt!

  2. Wow! What fun and work ahead for you Ray. That green and orange block has me drooling.. I’ve got the oranges but am out of greens. A good excuse to hit the thrift shops and fabric stores. Thanks for sharing all the goodies. It’s an early Christmas.

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