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I had several emails come in from several different community quilters.  None of the emails was enough to write individually so I decided to put them together in one big post.

Ray starts out the emails.  Hewrites:

I finally got the binding put on this BIG, beautiful quilt from Linda F. in AZ.

Big as in 92 x 92.

It is an awesome batik rail fence quilt. All the batiks make the quilt eye-catching and I did not want to take away from that with the quilting.

I decided to use …
the trillium leaves motif to soften the lines with an ecru-colored thread to stay neutral. I also thought the leaves vining through the fence was a nice idea.
I used some wide backing out of my stash for the backing.

I normally use the trimmings from the back for the binding but that was rather boring. I then remembered that I had a green and tan batik from Judy C. in IL. Yes, that dressed it up. My thanks to you, Linda, and Judy for the makings for this quilt. It is going to a gentleman at church that lost his house to a fire this summer and is working to put the pieces back together. What a task!

I wanted to share with you a package I received in the mail from Karen M, in IL, soon to be FL. She is packing and getting ready to move from IL to FL and has discovered that she has an abundance of fabric. She has warned me that more is coming my way once she gets down here. However, she just needed to get some out of her way. I am very much aware that moving is no fun and a major discovery of how much a person can accumulate over time. She sent me two kits and some extra yardage. 

The first kit was Penguin Paradise. Love the penguins and the fabric she included. Those bright, bold, wild prints are totally Florida.

The second kit is Crosses and Losses. The fabric is gorgeous! It will make a wonderful quilt.

The yardage is a great mix. The two gray fabrics will make great backs as will the dark stripe. The purple cat print will make an adorable 3-yard quilt. Love the apple fabric. I am sure I can find something to complement it.

Thank you Karen and look forward to meeting you soon.

Laurie writes:
The following are pictures of the generous donations from Carolyn O. & her sister of Washington State. Yardage, flimsys, & ufo’s are pictured. This donation will bless many, many people for years to come. 

Thank you!

I also had an email from Elizabeth sharing one of her quilt finishes…

She writes:
The mailman brought me the most incredible collection of quilt tops and pieces to finish.  Thank you so much!  I know in 2022 I will enjoy making lots of quilts for donation.  Here’s one I finished recently.  I didn’t do a lot of heavy quilting on it because whenever I quilt, I hear the voice of my son in my head who complained that his third quilt from me was “not fluffy.”  Figuring that this will go to a young child, I strove to keep it “fluffy.


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts News from Many”

  1. Wonderful quilt tops and amazing finishes all around. I truly enjoy reading the posts with my morning coffee, thanks to all.

  2. Beautiful quilts and oh so much fabric! Ray will be kept quite busy for sure. It is so fun to see so many beautiful fabrics and even more fun to see the many creative ways the fabrics are used in quilts.

  3. Jo, Thanks so much for sharing all the work being done around the country. I enjoy all of your posts. Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year!!

  4. remember the finishers need thread along with the tops, backing and batting. Not very old that will not hold up to a lot of love. But if you realize you enjoyed too many thread sales in the past couple years, the finishers could use a few spools.

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