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Hello…You might remember I did a big call out of people to finish quilts some time ago. Karen answered the call. THANKS so much Karen. By the way, I have quilt tops here so if there are any others who would like to get quilt tops, please let me know.

Karen writes

Hello Everyone!  I am a new quilt finisher for Jo.  I am originally from Florida but currently live in northeast Indiana.  I am retired, but spend a lot of time quilting, babysitting four young grandchildren, and gardening.

In June, Jo wrote about needing finishers for quilts that were being dropped off.  I had been thinking of volunteering anyway, so this was the perfect time.  I have a local charity that primarily helps women coming out of a domestic abuse shelter.  Martha’s Closet started off with just clothing, but grew over the years to offer much more for someone needing to start over.  The clients usually have nothing when they leave the shelter.  The quilts that I take them are very much appreciated.

I am thrilled to be part of this group!  I know that the people that make these quilt tops are curious as to what happens with their creations, so on to the quilt parade!

First up is a heart-warming quilt featuring pinwheels and children.  The first thing that I thought of when I saw this quilt top was LOVE. So, I did an all-over quilting pattern featuring swirls (because of the pinwheels) and hearts (because of the children).  I used an off-white-colored thread for both top and backing.  The backing material was a mixture of from my stash and some that was donated by a friend’s mom that is downsizing.  The binding came from my stash as well. The quilt measures 52×62.5. Someone is going to feel loved when cuddled under this quilt.

Next up is a Valentine’s quilt.  I love Snoopy!  I used fabric from my stash for the backing and binding.  As for the quilting, I chose the same swirly design with hearts.  How could I not use a heart design of some kind? And the swirls in the quilting match the swirls in the side borders.  I used red thread on the top and pink for the back.  This quilt measures 44×46.  I am sure that a small child will love to be under this quilt, knowing that there is love represented here.

The third one on the pile of “to-dos” is a cute patchwork featuring winged bunnies holding the American flag.  I really couldn’t figure out what the artist had in mind when designing this fabric.  To me, the wings represent angels and Christmas; the bunnies represent Easter.  And yet, the flag suggests to me patriotism.  The backing I made for this one is also from my stash and features a red with stars on it.  Therefore, I used a quilting design with stars. I used beige thread on top and red thread on the backing.  I also decided that a plain red binding would not do.  So, I made my favorite kind:  flanged.  I think that it sets off the main quilt quite nicely!  This one measures about 40 inches square.

The next one I picked up to finish was a scrappy quilt measuring about 43 inches square.  I love scrappy quilts!  However, whenever I try to make one of my own, they end up looking like a hot mess!  So, I was very pleased to see this one and how harmonious it is.  And, as luck would have it, I happened to have a piece of batik in my stash that was the same color as the borders!  So that is what I used for the backing and part of the flanged binding.  As for the quilting, I used an off-white thread top and bottom and an all over design featuring swirls.

The fifth quilt top out of the bag is a patchwork featuring one of my childhood favorites:  Winnie-the-Pooh!  I had a Madagascar fabric in my stash that was the same color scheme, so that is what I used for the backing.  I tried to match some red for the binding.  I quilted this with a basic meandering stitch in an off-white thread.  This quilt measures 44×56.  I really think that some child is really going to love cuddling under this beauty!

I have three more that Jo sent to me.  They are all Christmas themed.  So, I’m going to wait until my next community quilts submission to post those.

Since I was quilting others’ quilt tops, I decided to make a couple of my own to add to this donation to Martha’s Closet.  First up is an applique top.  This is a free pattern I found online (  I thought it was so cute, even though I am a dog person myself.  It measures 37×53.  I backed it with a leftover piece of very soft fleece.  I quilted it with light pink thread in an all over design featuring cats.

I also put together a quilt top featuring a panel of frogs.  I surrounded it with pinwheels made with fabric from my stash.  I think these frogs are so cute.  This quilt measures 49×64.  I quilted it with an all over design featuring frogs using an off white thread.  The backing is also from my stash.  I figured a little boy would love the frogs, so I went with a blue backing.

I loved quilting all these quilts.  I am so appreciative of the generosity of the people who made the tops.  I believe that all these tops came from the Cresco ladies (with the exception of the two that I made).  I am always amazed and humbled by the work that so many people do to make the lives of others at least a little bit better.

Martha’s Closet was very happy to receive the quilts that I have dropped off so far.  They would love more, especially with winter coming!  If anyone has any tops they would like to send to me, I would appreciate it.  They have a need for all kinds of sizes and themes.  If you would like to send more tops to me, please let Jo know.  I can also be reached at  Thank you to everyone involved with this project of Jo’s!

WOW…I am so impressed. I never know what will happen when I send quilt tops out. I’ve learned that I just need to trust the process and not worry about it. Karen hit it out of the park with her great work. I think she’s set up to help a great organization too. GREAT WORK Karen and I’ll definitely be sending more tops your way!!

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen B”

  1. Great work matching fabrics and thread. You did a great job on those quilts. So glad you joined the finishers crew.

  2. So many very nice and beautiful quilts! What a great charity Karen has to donate them to. Great work by Karen and the sewers of these quilts and they will certainly make somebody feel warm and loved.

  3. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the free cat quilt top pattern link. I know a few little girls who would love that! :) Does Jo or Karen do quilting (long-term) for people individually as a side business, too? Thanks!

    1. This is Jo and I do not to any longarming as a business. I’m not sure about Karen. Hopefully she’ll see this and answer as well.

    2. Hi Tanya,

      I have done quilting for others. I don’t heavily advertise it because I never wanted it to become a “job” which I might begin to dislike. I always wanted to just enjoy the process, which I do. Having said that, I do take on some business now and then. Mainly so I have a bit of money to buy more fabric and batting!

      Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested.

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