Community Quilts from Vivian

I cross stitching away at the retreat. Here is another community quilt post for you all to enjoy in my absences.

I have community quilts from Vivian to share with you today. She’s been a busy girl!!

Vivian writes:
Look what I was able to gift this morning! Aren’t they beautiful?  All the quilt tops were made and named by Patty K. Of W. Palm Beach, FL.  All of the binding, batting, and backing were from my stash or purchased by me. All of these quilts were donated to my local church group which is sponsoring making twin-sized beds for children here in Morgan County (my county). The group putting together this endeavor is called: “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”. Our first church meeting to make beds was four weeks ago. We made six twin-sized beds and by that same evening, four of the beds were placed in homes! Two of the beds didn’t get placed until the next Monday. 

I did not have the quilts finished until yesterday. I delivered to church this morning and they will go to the children that received beds! Isn’t that great

 Pinwheels in Pink was all made from Patty’s stash and completed on March 1, 2023

Panda’s Picnic was finished on March 17, 2023 panda fabric was donated by someone else. 

Old Fashioned Roses was finished on March 10, 2023, and was all from Patty’s stash. 

Hi again, it’s Vivian again sending the second email of tops made by Patty K. From W. Palm Beech FL.  And quilted by me using my tiny brother with a 6” throat but they are so beautiful and creative. I’ve also heard from my church where these were donated this morning and they have all been given to the children who the beds were given to! What a great privilege to be able to help to give such a precious gift to our kids

Ladybugs top was finished February 15, 2023

Vivian’s kittens was completed on February 24 by Patty K from her stash and the sashing was provided by Nancy F. Of West Palm Beech

The veteran’s quilt top was made by Patty K and completed by Vivian in time to be gifted to a WWll veteran here in Morgan County Memorial Day weekend. He was so very appreciative! 

Thank you Patty K for such beautiful tops to quilt and thank you Jo for making this possible. 

Jo if you would like to give out my name and address I would be happy to accept other tops. I would also appreciate binding material, batting, and or backing if anyone would like to donate!  Thanks again.

As requested, here is Vivian’s email contact. If you have fabric, batting, and/or backing fabric that you could share with Vivian, please get ahold of her using the provided email address. I’ll contact Vivian and try to get her set up with batting from the postage fund money. Hopefully one of you can help with some backing or fabric. As they say, many hands make light work!! Great work on these Vivian.

A huge shout-out to Patty. She’s a wonderful quilt top maker. She has provided quilt tops for many. We’d be lost without her help.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Vivian”

  1. What beautiful quilts for such a great cause. Thank you Vivian and Patty! The quilting was great so that little Brother with a good operator does wonderful!

  2. Patricia A Katz

    I’m so proud to be a part of such a great endeavor! You did a great job on quilting, backing, binding, and making the beds to put them on! You are terrific!

  3. Fantastic work done by Vivian and Patty, and for such a good cause. Here in the UK, we also have a charity that gives beds to children who don’t have one to sleep in. It’s so sad.

  4. Thank you Jo for posting these quilts and giving out my name. And to Patty K. For creating such a beautiful grouping of quilts. It is such a thrill to be able to give to someone in need. Thanks again! V

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