Community Quilts from Vivian

I have quilts from Vivian to share with you today…
Vivian writes:

Hi Jo! I’m so very happy for you and Jerry!!! What a miracle. I’ve finished using the roll of batting you sent (thanks again) all the quilts have been donated except these seven. Three of these are about twin size and will go to Sleep in Heavenly Places here in Morgan county. You met Karen at your luncheon and she has received some tops to donate also. What a beautiful group of people you have and oh so giving. 

The three that are going to SIHP were all pieced and quilted by me. Karen gave me the top fabric and the back for those three. The other four were tops you sent to me back in the winter so if the makers would tell us their names I could thank them! 

This last one, apple core, went to a gentleman (WWII vet) in our local care center. He loves it. 

Aren’t they beautiful? I think someone will be very happy with these. I used a my own backing and binding. 

The next three are going to Sleep in Heavenly Places. The fabric for both the tops and backing were donated to Karen and she even cut it out!!! What a real blessing she is! Thanks Karen you made these fun and easy! Thank you Jo for organizing all of this for us and for the batting. 

Now I’m off to clean up my space and get ready to make another happy mess. 

Again thank you Jo for this opportunity to give back to those who are in need. 

Thanks so much, Vivian. These turned out great. It was so nice of Karen to cut out tops for you to sew. I would love a cutter in my life. HA! I believe the other quilt tops you had might have come from the Cresco Ladies but I’m not sure. They all looked familiar to me. Many thanks to all who helped make these quilts happen.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Vivian”

  1. Rebecca Burch

    A great way to start a Sunday – a beautiful quilt show. I loved seeing all of these beauties & thank you for sharing them (& your time & talent) with us. Have a super Sunday!

  2. These are all bright and happy quilts. Great mix of fabrics and design. They are certain to be loved and appreciated by those who receive them. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. I agree this was a wonderful Sunday post.

  3. Such beautiful quilts! Thanks to all who helped make these and who generously donated to such a great cause.

  4. Vivian, thanks to you and to Karen for the fabulous work and for giving these to Sleep in Heavenly Peace! It’s a remarkable organization and those kids (some of whom have never had a bed, let alone a quilt!) will benefit greatly from your work!

  5. what a unique way of displaying the closeup corner of the quilt. got to see so much of the detail that way. thanks for sharing in this manner.

  6. Wonderful quilts and the ones for sleep in heavenly peace are just adorable. Some lucky kids will surely cherish having them. Thanks, Vivian, for sharing it all with us.

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