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I have quilts to share with you from Traci.  She is a newer volunteer.  I’m so happy to have her working with us.  I love getting anyone new to join us.  If you’d like to finish quilt tops, please contact me.  I have a stack of quilts here just waiting for someone to finish them…but onto Traci’s finishes…

Traci writes:

“Hi Jo!

You sent me some tops back in September and I am sending you some finishes.

The kids’ quilts will go to a local Quilts for Kids chapter and the lady that runs it has some binding fairies who bind all the quilts. The other four I dropped off today at a local nursing home and I bound those myself. Full disclosure – I am a newbie at binding and was all stressed out about doing it. I experimented with a few methods and I am hoping I get better at it with practice.  I think number four is better than number one so I’m calling that progress.   All the batting and thread were provided by me and all of the quilting patterns came with my Innova M24 with Autopilot.


We got our Longarm in August and before that, I would send my tops out for quilting and binding. I wouldn’t even cut the backing; the Longarmer would do that too. I am finding that working with these big pieces of fabric to piece backings and doing the binding is a whole different skill set from piecing tops.  There was definitely a learning curve with the Longarm but I have had it going at least six days a week since we got it so I am feeling better and better with the quilting.   Thank God for YouTube.

I am having a blast with my machine and am honored to take these tops made by such talented folks, and play a part in sending them off to their new homes.  I have six more tops from you and will be in touch when those are ready. 

This bright happy quilt comes together with a batik turtle print mixed with florals. The backing came with it.  I chose the pattern, Calm Waters, for the quilting in Military Gold thread.   You will see this thread quite often from me. I absolutely love how it goes with so many things.   

This next quilt made me… smile the whole time I was working on it.  I chose a quilting pattern that was equally fun.  It’s called Straight Swirls and I used Military Gold thread.

The back was pieced with a fun, bright fabric from my mom’s stash and a green to match from my stash.  The black and white binding also came from my stash. I think it turned out great. 


I love this cozy red barn quilt. Perfect for the season here in New England. 
The back is a flannel I had in my stash and I bound it with the black and white stripe from my stash.

I quilted it with white thread in a pattern called Swirls and Feathers. It mimics the swirl in the green fabric and reminds me of the snow that will be falling soon. 

This next cutie is all Winnie the Pooh. Of course, I had to quilt it with bees and flowers. The pattern is called Nectar.   I used a linen-colored thread to keep with the soft feel and used a delicate floral on the backing from my stash.  

This is the back of the Winnie the Pooh quilt.

Traci sent more quilt finishes but I’m going to save them for the evening post.  Aren’t these great so far??!  I am sure loving them.  Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for making the tops and thanks to Traci for finishing them.  Don’t you just love that quilt with the barns??  I sure did.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Traci”

  1. Thank you everyone for your contradictions of warm, fun quilts for this kid and adults this winter. I have feeling we will need them. I appreciate all you do.
    Tracy your learning curve is going very well. Glad you got your longarm.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Traci, you did a great job on all of these quilts!! I had never considered military gold as a blending color for many different colors of fabric, but wow, you nailed it!! Cheers to another Innova owner on a job well done!!

  3. What wonderful quilts and some beautiful top quilting to finish them off. Thank you for sharing Traci, your doing a marvelous job with your new skills.

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