Community Quilts from Traci

Traci has more quilts to share with us today.

Traci writes:

I have had the pleasure of quilting a few of these Mickey quilts-assuming they were made by the Cresco ladies. They are always so cute. I used a flannel from my stash for the backing and quilted it with white thread in hearts and loops.  This will go to Quilts For Kids and be bound by them. 

This may be my favorite charity quilt so far.  To me, it screamed summer with the fabrics-they reminded me of bandannas so I used this awesome sheet with strawberries on it for the backing. I just adore it. I quilted it with white thread in a pattern called plumes. I love everything about it and think it will be perfect for a teenage girl so off it goes to Quilts For Kids where they will bind it and find the perfect home for it. 

Another quilt perfect for a teenage girl in shades of aqua and teal. I chose a white thread to quilt these pretty leaves and used a backing that my mom had in her stash from the late 90s. Funny, we think she was going to make a dress for my daughter out of it; she’s 31 now!  I’m sure many of your blog readers can relate!  Anyway, I thought it went well with all of the soft colors.

Weren’t these all such nice tops…and I do want to say Traci was right. These are from the Cresco Ladies. I am so impressed with the great work Traci did in finishing these. She really made them shine.

Traci sent me several emails with lots of finished quilts. I’m sharing three with you in this post.

I’ll have more to share in the evening post.

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  1. Beautiful job that you and the Cresco Ladies did on these quilts Traci! Wonderful quilts for children and teenagers in need!

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