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In the morning post today I showed you six quilts all from Traci. When that girl sets her mind to finishing tops…wow. She can finish tops. Here are another six all finished by Traci.

She writes:

This was a big quilt full of florals. I quilted it with a nice big flower pattern called damasks in ivory thread. The backing has been in my stash for years and I think it looks great with this top. This will be bound by my mom and given to a local nursing home in time for the holiday season.


This next quilt is bright and happy with the flowers popping off of that black background.  Alternated with the pale pink squares, pale green squares, and sashing, framed by the hot pink border I chose this bright floral from my stash for the backing. I quilted it in a pattern called gaiety which is a whimsical floral in white thread. This will go to Quilts For Kids and be bound by them. 

This quilt is adorable with all the little creatures; butterflies, frogs, snails, dragonflies, bees.  I used a really thick fleece for the backing (without batting) from my mom’s stash that is a perfect color match and swimming with fish to keep with the theme. I used ivory thread in a pattern called summer buzz which has bees, butterflies, and flowers. This will go to Quilts For Kids and they will bind it.  

This top was fun with all the teapots, teacups, and florals. I love the black sashings and how they are placed in the quilt to give that shadow look. I used a sheet for the backing and quilted it in an ivory thread in a pattern called wild cherries.  This will go to a local nursing home in time for the holidays after my mom binds it.

These are my favorite kinds of quilts-totally random fabrics all put together with some scrappy black and white sashings.  I decided to do a meander quilting pattern in ivory thread and used a super thick and soft piece of fleece from my mom’s stash for the backing.  This will go to Quilts For Kids and they will bind it. 

Whenever I see a quilt made this way – with the horizontal strips of fabrics – I always love the way it looks and want to make one immediately. This was quilted in ivory thread.  The backing is a great black and white check from my mom’s stash. This will be bound by my mom and go to a local nursing home. 

Wow!! What a great second batch of quilts from Traci. I feel like the old commercials as I say, “But wait there’s more”. There really are more quilts from Traci. Can you believe she sent me 18 finished quilts?? I’ve shown you the first, there are 12 more to come soon.

Traci, you are so lucky to have your mom around so she can help you with these…THANKS, MOM and thanks to the Quilts for Kids group you are working with.

…and thanks…many thanks to the Cresco ladies for providing the tops!! BRAVO!!

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  1. Another good group of great quilts. The quilting is beautiful and so wonderful that your mother is still part of life to help with finishing the quilts. It has to be so awesome to work together. Thanks for all the great finishes, Thanks to the Cresco ladies too!

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