Community Quilts from Traci

Are you ready for a parade? Today quilt finisher Traci is providing the entertainment.

This top is so fun with all the farm animals, barns, and fields.  The red flowers in the first border really pop so I quilted it with some big daisies in a light green thread called celery.   I bought the backing at a local to me thrift store. I got quite a bit of this fabric and you will see it a few more times. This will go to Quilts for Kids and they will bind it.

I adore the red fabric with all of the cute animals in this next quilt. Combined with red polka dots and green polka dots it sure is a fun, happy quilt.  I used the same celery thread, the same green backing, and quilted it with a circle meander pattern.  This will also go to Quilts For Kids, and they will bind it. 

This top is so cool the way it’s put together. I love the big piece of this awesome robot fabric boarded in a bright yellow print and the smaller blocks on the right side and bottom only. I think it adds so much interest to a two-print quilt.  I had to use the voltage quilting pattern in military gold thread on this. The backing is a dinosaur print in flannel I picked up from a local to me thrift store.  Dinosaurs and robots, what’s not to love?  This goes to Quilts For Kids and they will bind it. 

This top is so great in person-my photos do not do it justice. Tractors, cows, plaid, and McCormick fabrics are all in red, white, and black-how fun. I quilted it in white thread in a pattern called diagonal plaid.  The back came from my mom’s stash and I think it’s perfect. This will go to Quilts For Kids and they will bind it.

This top was adorable in pink and blue with Scotty dogs. The quilting brought it up to the next level of cuteness. I used a cloud pattern in a light blue which I think was really effective; the backing I picked up at a local to me thrift store- I love it with this top. Just so cute. It will go to Quilts For Kids and they will bind it. 

These sweet unicorns boarded in green and purple make up a very girly quilt so I used the hearts and flowers pattern in khaki colored thread. About 12 years ago a woman I used to work with asked me if I wanted all these random sheets, large pillow covers, blankets, just a mishmash of cotton fabrics in different weights that her mom was getting rid of. Of course, I said yes. 

Well, one of those sheets worked perfectly as a backing for this quilt. It’s pretty amazing how many miles apart these fabrics are that eventually come together into a quilt that will bring comfort to a child somewhere. This will also go to Quilts For Kids and they will bind it. 

That was the first six of Traci’s finished quilts. I’ll show of the next bunch in the evening blog post. Great work Traci. I think the Cresco Ladies made all of these quilt tops. Great work Ladies!!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Traci”

  1. Great looking quilts. I like the quilting on all of them. Jo, I’m surprised the unicorn quilt made it out of your house! Thanks to all who donated their time and fabric and put so much love into each quilt for some kiddo to be wrapped in.

  2. very curious about the organization receiving the quilts binding them. Is this something that ill be a teaching program for the young people to learn some sewing skills OR volunteers doing it ??? what a great combo of folks making all of this work. Love it

  3. I do recognize quilts we have made (Cresco Ladies)… we enjoy the making, but often don’t have time to do the fancy quilting. Kudos to Traci and all the other ladies/men who contribute to the donation efforts. So many folks will be graced with their works. – Sandy, Donna et al.

  4. I’m crazy about all these cutie patooties! I’m sure they’ll be loved & cherished for years to come. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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