Community Quilts from Traci

I have quilts from Traci to share with you today…
She writes:

Here are some more quilted tops you sent my way.  

This first one is super cute with My Little Pony squares. I backed it with some Minnie Mouse flannel from my stash.  The photos don’t do this justice-the light pink fabric sparkles and the stars in the quilting give a really nice twinkle to the whole quilt. This will go to Quilts for Kids and they (thankfully) will bind it. 

This next one I quilted with flowers and loops-one of my favorites-I think it makes any top feel happy.  I had the floral backing in my stash and the color is a great match with the border fabric-funny how that seems to always work out.  This one will be off to a local nursing home once it’s bound.  Picking binding is always so hard for me, I don’t know why. 

This next one is another one I quilted with the flowers and loops – Mickey and Minnie fabrics are so fun and this quilt will be perfect for a little boy or girl. The backing is a black flannel with multicolored dots that I had in my stash. This will also go to Quilts for kids and be bound by them.

Oh my…all of these were great! I am especially a fan of the Mickey and Minnie quilt. I have to laugh because I passed on much of that fabric to the Cresco Ladies. I had planned to make a quilt for my granddaughter so had been collecting (much of the fabric was from all of you!) and then didn’t get it made. You how it goes…a few months pass the kids are no longer into Mickey and Minnie so what was I to do with the fabric. Passing it to the Cresco Ladies was the perfect solution. Look at the great quilt they made with it!! If you have fabric like that in your stash, feel free to pass it on and let the ladies make it into tops…it will give you room in your sewing room and will help some kids along the way.

Many thanks to Traci for finishing these…Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for making the tops. Traci is in need of tops. I don’t have any right now. If you have some that are kid-friendly, Traci will finish them and pass them along to Quilts for Kids. If you’d like Traci’s contact info, let me know. THANKS!!

13 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Traci”

  1. YES–please send me Traci’s contact info. I have lots of tops that would work for Quilts for Kids and I would be happy to send them to her to be quilted….and that will make room for more quilts for me to sew! YAY for everyone!

  2. Barbara Fairfax

    You gals are all so great ,- talented and generous with your time and materials. I’m a crossstitcher only but love, love to see all the beautiful quilts!

    Let me know if the postage fund gets low

  3. It is always fun to sit down and see a quilt parade from the work of many hands providing comfort to many. I think of all the joy being sent out into the world and say thank you to all who make this happen.

  4. Oh boy, both the posts I tried to read this morning (from Ray and quilting update) were garbled, from both my laptop and iPad. Hasn’t happened for awhile so I was surprised…any chance you can repost?

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