Community Quilts from Traci

Traci is at again with more quilt finishes.

Traci writes:

I am sending photos of four of the tops you sent me that I quilted. One is bound and ready to go to a local nursing home and the other three will go to Quilts for Kids; the organizer has a group that binds all the quilts that are donated.  Sorry for the sunlight in some of the photos. 

This top was in the first batch you sent me and was marked

“from Sandra”. It came with a back but it was the exact size of the top which didn’t leave any extra to get it on the frame. So I used some fabric my mom gave me for the backing and used the backing fabric that came with it to do the binding.  I quilted it in a pattern called French in the color linen thread. 

For this next one I used some flannel in my stash for the backing.  I did a meander pattern in celery thread for the quilting. Love the I spy in the brick layout. 

The next quilt is so cheerful with all the different fabrics and colors. I quilted it in a circle meander in celery thread.  I used a flannel from my stash for the backing. 

I did something a little different for this last quilt. I used fleece for the backing and did not use any batting. I love the resulting lightweight quilt which will be perfect in the warmer weather. I quilted it in Military Gold in a pattern called Ginko.  You can really see the quilting on the back. 

Tracie is doing an awesome job of finishing all of these quilts. They look wonderful!! Traci works with Quilts for Kids and all of these are definitely kid friendly. Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for making the tops!!

Thanks to all who pieced these tops!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Traci”

  1. am wondering about the fleece backing. What kind of fleece did you use? Does fleece come in different widths? Can you sew the quilt top and the fleece with an ordinary sewing machine? Thanks for any info. By the way the quilt is beautiful and the quilting on the back looks just great.

    1. Traci Swenson

      Most of the fleece I have came from a thrift store or from my mom. I think I have only bought it once from Hobby Lobby. I can say for sure there is definitely a difference in the thickness of the pieces I have – some are thick enough to skip the batting and some are not. Also I have noticed some are more stretchy than others. I don’t know about the different widths it comes in. I imagine it would sew just fine on an ordinary sewing machine. I didn’t have to adjust anything on the Longarm, but I always change the needle after a fleece quilt where usually I’ll do two to four quilts with the same needle depending on the size.

  2. Very nice quilts and beautifully quilted! It always amazes me how many different designs we see and how beautiful they all are. Thanks to all who helped bless some unknown recipient.

  3. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Traci does nice work!
    The other two posts, quilts from Robin and what I’m working on, were encrypted. Thanks Jo!

  4. Traci’s quilts are gorgeous! BTW Jo, the other two posts in this email are garbled again. I also tried on FB and it is the same.

  5. Your blog is still having issues. Your article on What I am Doing, and Community Quilts from Robin present as programming commands with words interspersed … far too hard to read. I am using Google Chrome on a desktop computer.

  6. Rebecca Burch

    Fabulous quilts! I’ve wondered about using fleece & seeing how nice yours turned out (“Ginko” is one of my favorites), really I spites me to do just that. Great job! Thanks for sharing!

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