Community Quilts from Traci

This morning I showed off the quilts that Traci finished…and tonight, I have another batch of quilts from Traci.

Traci writes:

This Cow Jumped Over the Moon bordered panel came to life with Baby Stars and Moon quilting in my favorite Military Gold thread.  

I used a sweet floral from my stash for the backing. 

I adored this creative masterpiece… The fun fairies in the large blocks combined with all the beautiful florals make such a fun and unique combination. 

The backing and binding came from my mom’s stash and were the perfect fit.  I quilted it with a pattern called New Vine in you guessed it, Military Gold thread. 

This quilt pairs a gorgeous cranberry color with a nice dark green.  The soft gold brightens it all up.

The backing came from my stash and the binding from my mom’s stash. I chose to quilt it in a pattern called Lyrical in Military Gold.

This colorful panel is so cute and bright with bunnies, babies, and plenty of hearts. I quilted it with a Military Gold thread with the Hearts and Loops pattern.

The backing came from my stash.

Traci is a real talent.  I’m so impressed that she is already quite a master with her machine after only owning it for a few months.  I can see that her hard work and perseverance to learn to work with her machine have really paid off.

If you are someone who recently got a new longarm or midarm and would like some charity quilts to practice on and will donate the finished quilts to a charity of your choice, please contact me.  I have tops here that would be perfect for you.  You can get some practice and we could have more finished charity quilts!!  That would be a win-win!

MANY thanks to Traci and MANY thanks to the Cresco Ladies for their hard work in providing all of the quilt tops.


3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Traci”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Traci, I agree with Jo that you are on your way to mastering your longarm. I love your choice of backings and bindings and add to that the Cresco ladies supplying the tops. A winning combination!!

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