Community Quilts from Traci

Many of the Sundays in November here on the blog were filled with quilts from Traci…well friends, there are more.

Traci writes:
I have had this top for quite awhile. It was in a package marked “from Sandra”the boarder fabric came with the top I think for the backing but I decided to make the top just a bit bigger so my mom did that for me and will use the rest to bind it.  I used a flannel from my stash for the backing and quilted it in an ivory thread in a pattern called Star Spangled Banner. This is perfect for a wheelchair quilt and will go to a local nursing home.

I am a Halloween fan so I enjoyed quilting this simple, non-scary Halloween top with spider webs in ivory thread. The backing came from my aunt and I think it’s just perfect.  I have said it many times but it is so cool that a top is pieced in Iowa, quilted in Massachusetts with a backing from North Carolina. Amazing. 

Another fun not scary Halloween quilt. I quilted it in a pattern called new wave since it looked to me like the skeletons are dancing. I love all the fabrics used in this top. I used a bright backing from my aunt. This will go to Quilts For Kids and be bound by them. 

Another use-it-up scrappy quilt that turned out great. There is a little bit of everything in this quilt-buttons, princesses, flowers, stripes, robots!  I used a circle meander in celery thread. The backing is one I have used several times and came from my thrift-store-fabric stash. This will go to Quilts For Kids and be bound by them. 

I think I sent them all to you -19 quilts in all!  Thanks for letting me be part of your quilting group – it brings me so much joy!

WOW…Nineteen quilts Traci finished and shared with us over the past few weeks. Isn’t that awesome? Great work Traci!! As always I have more tops once you’re ready for some. MANY thanks to Traci. I do believe that all of these tops were made by the Cresco Ladies but I’m not sure. Is there another Sandra who might have sent tops?? Please let us know in the comments if there is.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Traci”

  1. Great quilting, Traci! Thank you! All the quilts were very nicely done and much thanks to those generous Cresco ladies! It is always such fun to see all the creative quilts made by all.

  2. what a fantastic accomplishment.
    Curiosity on my part re the binding finishes she refers to. Is this a teaching program for the recipients to give them some ownership in the quilts they receive or the volunteers for the group will be doing the finish binding ???
    Sounds interesting

    1. people who finish the quilts try to mention people who have provided the top, the backing and the binding fabric. Along with any added labor. It is just way to include everyone who had a hand in getting a quilt done. Sometimes it is one or two extra people. Sometimes a whole group. This is a very giving group. Anyone can offer to finish a quilt as long as they a charity to donate to. If you explore the blog a bit you will see all the groups who have gotten the quilts.

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