Community Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

I put out a call the other day to the Cresco Ladies, and my-oh-my, did they ever come through!!

A bit ago the ladies had dropped off some finished quilts and asked if I had a home for them.  I was confident I could find a home.  I called a lady from my church.  She happened to be in Texas, in Marion County, near where they winter.  She was volunteering at a food pantry.  She told me there was a big need right where she was at.  I told her I would mail her the quilts and I did.

That got me thinking that maybe this is a good place for us to support.  I have a friend there.  She said there is much need.  I feel good supporting places where I have an actual connection too.  My friend says she regularly helps at the food pantry when she’s in Texas.

So…I messaged Sandra of the Cresco Ladies to put a bug in her ear saying, if they ever have more quilts that don’t have a home, I could find a home for them.  Oh my.  Two days later Sandra and Donna were at my house in full force!!  They dropped off TWO giant garbage bags of finished quilts!!  WOW.

Here is what they brought…

Check out this wonderful Stack and Wack.  So fun and bright.

Many of these are lap-sized.

This one was bright and spring-like…  I’m guessing it might be a 3 yard quilt.

I think this one might be the same layout.  What a difference the fabric makes!

Another of the same design.

Scrappy and Happy is how I would describe this one.

What a creative way to deal with an odd number of blocks.  Do you see the corners?

This one is a favorite of mine in this batch.

Check out the machine quilting that Donna did.  She used a dark thread and it really shines on this quilt.

Here’s an orphan block quilt.

Another happy scrappy quilt!!

Maverick Stars are the block of choice on this one.

I am in shock at how many quilts they sent.

This quilt says “LOVE” with all the hearts.

This makes a great design for a charity quilt…

Here is a cute panel quilt.  I believe this was a Sandy Gervais fabric line.

I am guessing this to be another 3 yard quilt.  Super cute!

Here is another with the same layout.

Can you believe how many quilts these ladies can make??

I always love Ragedy Ann and Andy.

Can you see that this one is the same design as the previous quilt?  This one has an added inner border.  I don’t know what type of fabric was used on the backing of this one but it’s SUPER soft.

Here is another of the same design.

Wow…check out this sampler.

I love the polka dots in this one.  I am big polka dot fan.
The gals also sent with a big bag of finished quilt tops.  I didn’t take pictures of all of those.  I’ll let you wait and see them as finished tops once the finishers get them.

The gals saved out three that I was asked to send to Ray.  The are already in his hands and likely in his queu to be finished.

I don’t think anyone, including me, realizes just how prolific the Cresco Lady Quilters are.  Do you know of anyone who can get message saying quilts are needed and they deliver all of these two days later?  Impressive!!  That was 24 finished quilts and a big bag of tops.  WOW!!

I know some of you donated some of the fabric that went into these quilt.  Hats off to you!  Isn’t it great to see unwanted fabric doing good in the lives of others.

20 thoughts on “Community Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. What an amazing number of quilts – 25, I counted! – brought to you so you could post them to Texas. AND the bag of tops too. How many ladies are in the Cresco Group? Congratulations to them for filling the need. They use the donated fabric and scraps so imaginatively.

  2. Wow! What a fantastic job the Cresco ladies do! It’s so heartening to see there are so many good, kind people in the world who are willing to help others.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Hat off tithe Cresco Ladies!!!! Great Jobe Well Done. Wow that’s a lot of quilts. Hats off to all those who donated.
    Jo I saw onthe news that Cresco got hit with a tornado. Have you heard anything about the Cresco Ladies and their family. Am praying for everyone of them.

  4. Beautiful quilts and such wonderful ways to use up the fabrics, Bravo Cresco Ladies! it truly is a small world when you can meet a need in just a few days miles and miles away. I hope the receivers of the quilts feel warmth and love from the makers.

  5. WOW! Such a beautiful array of colors and quilt patterns. Beautiful quilts! Those ladies are quilt maker machines!! They are very creative. Thank you Cresco Ladies!!

  6. If they have not gone to Texas yet, you know anyone in IA that might need some comfort after the tornadoes the other days. This will help to save postage.

    1. I have a friend taking these to Texas so we aren’t worried about postage this time around. If there is a need in Iowa, I’m sure we can come up with more.

  7. Beautiful quilts from the Cresco ladies! Several of the patterns look like Donna Robertson/Fabric Cafe 3 yard quilts. The floral block with orange and yellow background is the pattern Town and Country; the polka dot quilt is the Simply Blocks pattern. I also saw the Suite Times pattern and another pattern that I cannot remember the name. These quilts really show what can be done with 3 yards of fabric!

  8. Wow! What a blessing the Cresco ladies are. Their quilts will bring comfort to many people in need. Thankful for the work you and the ladies do.

  9. Your Cresco ladies are so talented with the quilts that we see — I wonder the same thing!! How many ladies are there sewing so many quilts??? Do they get together when they are making them?? Or do they work at home individually?? How often?? Curious to know if they keep a record!! All these were beautiful–and especially love some of the “scrappier” ones!!! But they are all lovely–and will mean so much to the recipients!! The sampler blocks tops too —amazing. Every time I see all these photos of the latest completed ones, I just think WOW!! Having a group like that to work with, is wonderful –and I think fills so many of our own needs!! Somebody else to SEE, TALK & LISTEN –motivation–helping others. Sorry for all those questions—but bet many of us wonder the same thing!!!!

    1. The ladies did a last big push for the year and tried to get out as many as they could when I told them I had a place that needed some.

  10. Jo thanks so very much for sharing your story. I re-read it 3 times! I want you to know that I love you unconditionally, as well as your children and am sending ❤ love, light, prayers, fasting and what strength I have everyday. I’m 75 years old now and have had Many health challenges in my life since I was born a barely alive fetal alcohol baby. These challenges have not affected my love for others nor my faith in God. Even now I’ve been very sick for 25 years with Lyme Disease. I’ve read your blog so much that I feel as if you are a close and highly valued, loved and respected friend. I hope that you have the best outcome possible from your treatment, and that you have many more years with your family, friends and all the friends you have made by your tireless blogging. I know there is a SPECIAL place in Heaven waiting for all of us and I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Much love, your devoted admirer, Patricia Kendel

  11. it is amazing what these ladies accomplish. I remember the days our ladies got together weekly for quilting and the turnout was amazing. Suddenly there are just strange looks when one inquires about whether there is a ladies quilting program when one makes a move and transfers their membership to the new local church. what is the Cresco ladies” secret ????

  12. Thank you for your reply. I’m even more impressed now I know the small number of ladies involved in the Cresco Team. You must sew day and night! Amazing work ladies!

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