Community Quilts from The Cresco Ladies

The Cresco Ladies outdid themselves. They brought me finished quilts…not just quilt tops. Don’t get me wrong, I love when they bring quilt tops but finished quilts are even more awesome.

Sandra told me if I had any charitable group that needed quilts to use them for fundraisers or for people in need. There were so many…and all so nice.

It just so happens that my church was having a meal fundraiser and being I’m working, I didn’t have a quilt to donate. I ended up taking two tops and donated them there…

this one…

and this one…

The fundraiser was held mid November and I thought these were perfect for Fall.

I really loved this one…Donna is their longarmer and she always does such nice work. I love the motif she picked. It’s just perfect for the quilt.

This is a fun one. I’m guessing it might be one of those 3-yard quilt patterns.

This one uses an oriental girl fabric. It’s a cute design for it.

The Cresco Ladies often make panel quilts. Here are two they made with the same pattern but they don’t look the same at all. One features lighthouses and one minions. I like how the same pattern can look good with such completely different fabrics.

A big shout out of thanks to the Cresco Ladies for coming to my rescue and dropping off quilts at just the perfect moment for me to donate them. They were much appreciated for the silent auction that was held with the fundraiser meal.

I’ve saved the other ones and the next time I learn of somewhere that needs a quilt, I’ll be sure to share with them.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from The Cresco Ladies”

  1. Beautiful quilts and the timing is perfect. I also made the fall panel to hang outside on the fall. So fun.belated Happy Birthday Jo.

  2. The Cresco Ladies are very creative and imaginative quilters. I always enjoy seeing their quilts in your posts. I’d love to spend a week making quilts with them.

  3. Such nice quilts!! The Cresco ladies make so many nice quilts or quilt tops. They are busy workers. Thank you Cresco ladies for all your work making beautiful quilts!!

  4. Wowee! There’s just no stopping those Cresco Ladies! They’re all absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Gosh, I wish I lived close enough to be a Cresco Lady! They have such great ideas; bet they are a great bunch to just sit and chat with. :-)

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