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From Kayla… Before today’s post, I thought I’d drop in with an update from Mom. She’s doing well physically but is incredibly bored. You know how busy she usually keeps! Her food selections are very limited but we found out she can eat from Chipotle, which delivers. We have been calling her but she has to talk through a phone covered with a plastic bag. Rosie is handling her absence very poorly, but the Up North kids are taking good care of her. Mom’s radiation reading has to be at a 7 before she can leave, but it is hard to predict when the level will get there because the change doesn’t follow a predictable pattern. We are hopeful she gets to leave on Sunday and can isolate in her home. I don’t mean to be a downer with the update- we are so grateful she is able to be treated and are happy for these little complaints.

Now for the scheduled post…

Sandra lives to the south of me near Oelwein, Iowa and she is one of our community quilters.  Sandra belongs to an active church group that does many outreach projects in their community.  One of their outreach focus’ is community quilting.

Sandra writes:
I have sent you a number of pictures of our quilts. There were several I did not photo. We gave 31 quilts to Winterize our community this year which includes some of yours. We thank you for your help. Will try to send more pictures next year. The last photo was a quilt given to us to finish by a daughter. Her mom did not get finished and so we did finish for her. Was given to a father and 2 children in need. Thanks and prayers to you for the coming year.

Here are the quilts from Sandra.  The first is perfect for a guy who loves hunting or the outdoors.

This next one is a great idea for a charity quilt.  It would sew together quickly.

I love….anything nine-patch.

Oh, and what cute prints.  I’m so glad Sandra included a close-up picture.

I love gray and teal together.  I think teal is one of my new favorite colors in quilts.  I feel like they can be girly or boyish. colorful.  I like this version of a friendship star.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that before.

This is the backing of that quilt.  I love the backing.  Another great idea.  It’s reversible!!

Here is the quilt that Sandra said was donated by a daughter…so fun.

Sandra and her group are on the community quilting page.  You can find that HERE.

Many-many thanks to Sandra and the crew and to those who have sent goodies their way.  GREAT WORK!!

15 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Sandra”

  1. Oh I so love this Blog post! Beautiful quilts, I want to drag my sewing machine my husband gifted me 7 years ago that I’ve neglected the last 2 years so bad!!!

  2. Kayla, many thanks for letting us know how your mum is doing. I can imagine how bored she must be! Hopefully, it won’t be too long before she’s back home.

  3. Thanks so much for the update, Kayla. Keeping your mom and all of you in prayer.
    Beautiful quilts – will make someone feel so blessed!
    Love and prayers

  4. When the post popped up on my reader I thought “I wish they could update on Jo during her isolation.” I’m so glad you could do that and it doesn’t seem like a downer to regular readers.

  5. Kayla thank you so much for the update on your mom! I’ve been so impressed with the way all of you have worked together to keep the blog going and giving us an update on her progress is so thoughtful.
    Nice quilts from the community quilts.

  6. Thanks for the mini quilt show and the update on your mom. Boredom isn’t always a bad symptom since it helps us to know that she is feeling well. Prayers that number goes down and she can resume isolation at home.

  7. Thanks Sandra for your group’s wonderful work. You’re a blessing for sure! Kayla, give Rosie and extra hug! Blessings to you all.

  8. It was nice to hear that boredom is the worse thing that your mom is suffering right now. Hope she gets to come home soon and I know Rosie will be wagging her tail when she gets there. Sandra your quilts are lovely and all so different, thank you for taking the time to take pictures and share with us, lovely each one. Kayla, thank you for giving us the blog today, and the update, we are all concerned and praying for your mom.

  9. Kayla, thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering how she is doing. Hopefully, she will be able to come home today. (Sunday)

  10. Thanks for the update Kayla! So good to hear positive things about your moms treatment & “quarantine!” Hang in there Jo! Keeping you & your wonderful family in my prayers & sending hugs to all of you!

  11. Judith Fairchild

    Hi Kayla, thanks for the update on Jo, it’s hard to not be up and doing when that’s what you like and are.. I think Rosie may be visiting for the long haul. Please someone check with the vet . The quilts are a fun batch thanks to the Oelwin Ladies.

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