Community Quilts from Ronda

Ronda is at it again…Both of these are wonderful eye candy.

Ronda writes:
I have two more quilts ready to be donated.  The first one was sent to me from Debbie in NY.  This is Bonnie Hunter’s mystery called “Good Fortune” and it has some very small pieces!  Debbie did a good job making it even with all those tiny bits of fabric that Bonnie is known for. ”

The backing and binding fabric came from Karen S. in Chino, California.  It was a good match for the brights in the top.  This will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

Wow…I’m so impressed that the quilt was only the latest mystery and already it is finished and being donated.  I love the colors…It’s so awesome to see all the different colors of the mystery quilt.  HERE is a link to my version.  Mine was done in Civil War reproductions so it’s MUCH different.

From Ronda…
The next top was one you forwarded on to me from Linda H. in Woodbury, Minnesota.”  
She also included the backing fabric and there was enough of that to use for the binding also.  This is a large lap size at 68″ square and will go to the CSADV. ”

I adored this quilt a lot.  The coloring was right up my alley.  I think it’s supposed to be Christmas but I liked it for year ’round.

WOW.  I’m so impressed with both of the quilts.  They are going to be GREAT quilts to donate on.  I don’t know how anyone could not be impressed with them.  Thanks to all who donated time and money to make these quilts happen!!  They are wonderful.

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  1. Your glass “thing” is a weather gauge. I haven’t seen one in years, but if I recall correctly (?) when the water you’ve put in it goes down there’s a storm coming.

  2. Those are beautiful quilts. Nice job ladies and thanks to Ronda for finishing them and sending them on. Thanks to all for sharing.

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