Community Quilts from Ronda and Friends

Ronda sent more quilts.  I had messaged her asking if she was wanting more.  Ronda is so sweet and said, “I’ll gladly take them but doesn’t anyone else want any?”  Well I thought I’d ask again…Does anyone want quilt tops to finish for charity??  If you do, drop me a note at  The only requirements is that you send a picture of the finished quilt and tell us where it was donated to.  It’s fun if you write a little something like Ronda does.  There’s no hurry.  We always hope the quilts are done in about six months or so…but certainly understand that life comes first.

…and onto Ronda’s quilts.

Here are a couple more quilt finishes.  The first one was a top sent to me from LaNan E. in Primghar, IA.”

She included the binding for this cute “Circus is coming to town” kid’s quilt.  I used backing sent from Karen V. in St. George, UT.  The colorful fish in this backing fabric match the colors in LaNan’s top perfectly.  The finished quilt measures 40 X 53 and will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The second quilt top was made by Debbie S. in Holland, NY.”
With the blues and tans/creams and the tiny little red pinwheels, this quilt reminds me of the beach.  Blue skys, ocean, sand, and seashells. So I used a backing that is a sandy beach scene with seaweed.”

I’ve used this backing on another quilt and wouldn’t you know, when the leftovers went back in the closet, the name  of who sent it to me didn’t get attached.  So, thank you to whoever sent that big piece of backing.  I also used it for the binding.  This quilt is 51 X 55 and will also go to Ronald McDonald House.”

“…And I’m off to quilt another quilt!”

How fun…and perfect backings for the quilts for sure!!  The fish in that first quilt are adorable.  Both quilts are super sweet and will be sure to loved.  Thanks so much for sharing these Ronda and thanks so much to the blog readers who helped make it all happen.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda and Friends”

  1. Cute fun quilts. Amazing how so many odds and ends can make such beautiful quilts. Thank you Ronda for your dedication to others. You are a treasure. Thank you Jo for passing on the odds and ends. I’m sure all those quilts are loved very much by those who receive them.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. I have a question for Ronda, actually. Do you, Ronda, ever make a quilt from start to finish or do you just finish them? I so admire all the work you do for such good causes! You are inspiring me to make some baby quilts for our local pregnancy center.

  3. Well, Carla, it has been a while since I have made a quilt from start to finish. The last one I made I sewed leader/ender style as I was making binding or adding borders to tops that others had sent me. It took a long time as I was sewing 1 1/2″ squares together to make 2″ finished four patches which I alternated with a neutral 2″ finished square. Before I started taking tops/ufo’s/fabric from others to finish up, I had no UFO’s of my own. I had already made quilts for all six of my sisters and several quilts for each of my grandkids so I was making donation quilts to fill my need of sewing/quilting. I usually have a quilt going as a leader/ender, but it’s never a rush and I end up donating it when it is done as well.

  4. Jo, i haven’t been able to use your email address. I have a quilt top I’d like to donate. Will you contact me?


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