Community Quilts from Ronda

I’m so excited to share quilts with you from Ronda.  She always makes quilts look just great!!

Ronda writes:
Linda in Tucson, Arizona sent me 12 buzz saw blocks that she had made and sewn together into groups of four.

She sent along some extra fabric which I used to make 18 more blocks.

The backing I used was some you sent to me and the binding came from my stash. This quilt is 56 X 67 and went to Opportunities Unlimited.

My sister made the next top using…
some of the fabric sent to me by many of your readers. The backing came from Karen S. of Chino, California. The quilt finished up at 63 inches square and was donated to Opportunities Unlimited, also.

The last top came from Diane M. in Washington.

I’m not sure who sent the backing fabric I used, I’ve had it for a while. This quilt is 50 X 63 and was also donated to Opportunities Unlimited.”

WOW…all great quilts.  Many thanks to Ronda, her sister (we should probably find out her name), and the people who donated tops.  It takes many to make such a great bunch of quilts.

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Love that buzzsaw block. How do you make it? It’s a really interesting quilt. They all are beautiful and filled with love. Things are getting closer to our moving date. Inspections were done- new roof and flooring and drywall repairs hopefully this coming week. We are running out of time to meet deadline for low interest rate we locked into. Can’t wait to get my sewing room set up and get creative. Have been working on one quilt for my sister. Her husband passed away last week. My husband has been going to dr every week now. Thank you to all who have believed and kept the faith in me.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    That buzzsaw quilt is great. At 1st. I wondered how it was done. Then my brain woke up and realized, it isn’t difficult just needs precise cutting and sewing.. all thecquilts and finishes were execellant. Thanks Jo for sharing Rhonda’s post.

  3. It amazes me of the generosity of the donation of quilt materials, quilters, and finishers. What a great bunch of people we have in the world.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Each of the backings are a perfect match for the quilt top. Thanks Ronda and everyone else who made these beautiful donations possible!!

  5. I am always amazed how these quilts come together. Creative people from all over the US send fabrics, quilt blocks, sometimes completed quilt tops to all our talented quilters and longarmers who then (seemingly) magically put it all together. What beautiful quilts Rhonda has put together with all the components she was given. And Jo, thank you so much for getting the wheels turning, organizing and orchestrating this network of quilters, giving us a way to use our God-given talents and resources to give joy to others. We are truly blessed.

  6. So surprised to see my quilt. I don’t remember making it!! Lol. But I recognize the fabric. Glad it can bless someone. Thanks to Ronda for finishing it.

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