Community Quilts from Ronda

Ronda has another installment of great quilts. I always love seeing Ronda quilts because typically I had no part in them.  People have sent goodies straight to Ronda and bypassed me which is PERFECT!!  It saves so much in postage money.

Ronda writes:
This is a top made by my sister from scraps sent by several different people.

The border and backing fabric came from Karen S. in Chino, California.

This quilt is 44 X 55 and went to Ronald McDonald House

I made this top from… fabric sent to me by Barbara L of Decatur, Georgia.
The backing came from Evie H. of Los Angeles, California.

The quilt finished up at 68 X 82 and went to Opportunities Unlimited.

This top was sent to me by Diane in Washington.

She says it was her Bonnie Hunter Hourglass Leader/Ender challenge and that the idea for it came from an older quilting calendar.

The backing came from Evie H. of Los Angeles, California.

This quilt is 65 X 82 and went to Opportunities Unlimited.

WOW…great quilts, right??  All of these quilts are just my style of quilts…scrappy.  Some people aren’t scrappy quilts because they think the quilts look too busy.  All of these are great as the makers all but a good background fabric with the scraps to unity it all.  Great work ladies.  I love these quilts and I just know that the people who eventually get these quilts will love them too!


11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    What a lovely collection of scrappy quilts. I like all of them
    Thank you Rhonda and friends who shared in the making of these quilts.

  2. Such beautiful quilts! I like most scrappy quilts, but yes, sometimes they are too busy, but when there is a good background, it makes a big difference. Jo, your scrappy quilts that I have seen are all beautiful! Most of Bonnie Hunter’s are too, although recently one I saw of hers was too busy. I do like the fact that scraps are being used.

  3. All of them are so pretty, but the second one is extra pretty. It seems like the kind of quilt that can be made without a pattern.

  4. Chyrll S Rohde Lincoln

    Looking for the list of people who accept fabric donations that I can deliver to so I don’t have to pay postage. Thx

  5. I really love these quilts. I’m another one who loves scrappy quilts. Thanks to all involved in supplying the fabric, cutting and piecing the tops and quilting the tops. Thanks for sharing, Jo.

  6. All three are lovely quilts. I especially like the first two, made from just squares. So simple, but so pretty. Someone will love them!

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