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It makes me smile when I see an email from Ronda.  She was the first person I started working with as a quilt finisher.  I had such a pleasant experience with her that I opened it up to more people to finish quilts and that is when the community quilt project exploded.  I’m so happy to have hooked up with Ronda.

She writes:
I have a few more quilts ready to share with you today.  First up is a top sent to me from Melissa G. of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, that she made using red, white, and blue fabrics.

I paired this top with backing from LaNan E. of Primghar, Iowa, and binding from my stash.  This quilt finished at 51″ square and was donated to Ronald McDonald House.


Denise B. of Tarpon Springs, Florida, sent me four large Swoon blocks, along with some extra fabric, but not quite enough to make any more of those blocks. I used the extra fabric down the center in order to make the quilt large enough.

I think the backing is some that you passed on to me, Jo, and the binding is from my stash.

This quilt is 55 X 72 and was donated to Opportunities Unlimited.

Denise also sent …

the blocks for the next top and my sister sewed them together for me.

I added the blue border, using fabric from Sandra in Texas.

LaNan E. of Primghar, Iowa provided the backing and binding for this one also.

It is 68″ square and also went to Opportunities Unlimited.
The last quilt I have to share is one you passed on to me from Barbara in New Mexico. 
She used soft pastel florals and alternated them with strips of solid pink.

The backing and binding came from Carla.

This large quilt finished up at 85 X 90 and went to Opportunities Unlimited.

Wow…what such pretty quilts.

You might remember me saying something about quilts not needing to be fancy to make a great quilt.  This last quilt is exactly that.  The pattern isn’t hard but the fabric selection was awesome and really makes it shine.  Someone is sure to love it!

Thanks to Ronda and everyone who pitched in to make these happen!!


We have an error in this post.  This is the correct info:
From Ronda:
Both of these tops came from Melissa G. of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and both of the backing fabrics came from LaNan E. of Primghar, Iowa.  This is in answer to Sally’s comment on your blog today.  Sorry for the mixup!

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Jo you are so right! Start with great fabrics and even a simple pattern is gorgeous. Every single quilt is super I love all of them.

  2. Very beautiful quilts!! The quilting is beautiful also. Thank you all for your generous donations. You all are so blessed with your talents.

  3. These quilts are so pretty. I am always amazed how they come together from so many different sources! I have a question and it’s really not important but maybe someone can explain it to me. Don’t laugh. Regarding the first quilt shown…the second photo is of the quilt front with the back of the quilt folded over to show the fabric used for the backing. But is that the same quilt? I can see the same fabrics are used, but the second one has a white border between the red inner border and the blue outer border. The first quilt doesn’t have that. Also, can’t find the partial block shown on the second photo is in the first quilt shown in first photo. I am wondering if she made two quilts!

    1. You are very observant, Sally, and so right! There are two different quilts that I finished that are similar in size and are using some of the same fabrics. I go mixed up on which back went with with top! I will send Jo a correction with pictures.

      1. Ronda, you don’t need to send a correction! You just need to add more photos because you made more quilts than you told us about!! (Smile) They are all beautiful and I am in awe at how much y’all get done….and just to make other people happier.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ronda, you did a masterful job of finishes on all the quilts. Nice pairings of quilting, backing and binding with each top! Thanks to all who helped with these worthy projects!!

  5. Yes, Ronda does a wonderful job on all the quilts she finishes. I send my tops directly to her (bypassing Jo) and have not been disappointed with her work. I wish I were as talented in that area.

  6. All beautiful– especially loved the last one- with the floral prints –between the fabric used and the quilting–it really caught MY eye!! Beautiful work . They’ll all be loved–and be “special” to the receiver.

  7. All the quilts are just beautiful. Awesome work by everyone involved. I enjoy seeing all the quilts that are donated to the various causes.

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