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Happy news…Ronda has quilts to share.  I’ve told you this before but it’s so true.  So many of you send quilts directly to Ronda so I don’t get to send any to her anymore.  That’s awesome as it saves on the postage fund…and getting emails from Ronda is so fun as I’ve never seen the quilt before.

Ronda writes:
I have three more quilts to share with you today.  First up, LaNan E. of Primghar, Iowa sent this large 68 X 93 top.

She had also sent me several large pieces of yardage to use for backings, so I selected one that went well with her top.

This quilt went to Opportunities Unlimited.

The next top was made by…
Kathy M. of Westerly, Rhode Island.
I used one of the backing pieces that you sent me, Jo, and the binding came from Sandra in Texas.
This quilt finished up at 66 X 84 and also went to Opportunities Unlimited.

The third quilt was one that I put together from blocks sent to me from Denise B. of Tarpon Springs, Florida.
She sent some extra fabric to make a few more blocks.  I added the sashing and cornerstones to bring the size up to 54 X 68.

The backing for this one was also from LaNan E. of Primghar, Iowa.

And it also went to Opportunities Unlimited.

They are always so grateful for the quilts as they get new “persons served” ~ which is what they call the residents of their facility ~ and they let each new person pick which quilt they want for their own

WOW…I’d pick the last one although I like them all.   I’m just partial to red.  It’s my favorite color!!  Great job to all who donated and of course to Ronda.  She does such great work making these quilts come to life!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. It’s hard to decide between Less Bitchin or Blessed. Love them both. But that color of blue is drawing me in a little more. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your business.

  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting. I am so amazed each time I see these donated quilts that people are so generous and will part with them. I have such a hard time giving my quilts away, but hope to change that. Thanks to all who are so generous!

  3. Wow, these are great quilts! Thanks to Ronda and the quilt top/block makers: LaNan, Kathy and Denise. Such variety. I enjoyed studying the design and fabric choices and usage in each quilt, always an inspiration. Very generous donation by all.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ronda, beautiful finishes and nice choice of backings for each. I’m sure LaNan and Denise were pleased withe donations as well. Jo has a hand in every quilt in some way! Three happy “people served” make a perfect mix.

    1. Jo, I have a correction to your post ~ the teal colored quilt is from Kathy M. and the red/green jelly roll type quilt is from LaNan.

  5. Jo, I have a correction to your post ~ the teal colored quilt is from Kathy M. and the red/green jelly roll type quilt is from LaNan.

  6. All quilts are lovely. First one is a nice color combo, but the third one is my favorite with those vintage looking fabrics and the navy with red! Well done, All!

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