Community Quilts from Ronda

Ronda sent me a new batch of finished quilts.  She does such great work….with the help of many of you.  It always amazes me…today is no different.

Ronda writes:
The first quilt I have to share came from Nikki in VA.  She said this was a UFO she had started from Connecting Threads.  The whole top was sewn together, but she had made an extra row and hadn’t attached it yet, thinking it made the quilt an odd size.  I thought it over and decided to go ahead and sew that extra row onto the top.”

It would be perfect for a crib.  She also sent enough fabric to add a couple of borders and make the backing and binding, too.  It will go to the Ronald McDonald House.  She did a great job with those curved pieces!

The second quilt came from Linda in Tucson, AZ.  She made the top and sent enough fabric for the backing and binding.”…

This bright and cheerful quilt is a nice lap size at 60 X 73 and will go to CSADV. I love the backing on this one!”

The third quilt came from Debbie S. in NY.  I think this cute kid’s top was made using a panel that she cleverly cut and added strips of complimenting fabrics to.  Such a simple idea, but a great way to use a panel.”

I will keep that in mind as I have a couple of panels to use up.  This will also go to Ronald McDonald House.”

WOW…I’m impressed with all of them.  With curved seams, great color’re right Ronda.  That backing is awesome…and a wonderful way to use panels….we all cave to the temptation of buying panels only to wonder what to do with them.  This is perfect!!

I’m impressed all the way around!  THANKS everyone.  I love what you did.  How lucky people will be to receive one of these great quilts of love.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Beautiful!
    Ima bit concerned, Jo…as of yesterday, when I come to your blog, it says NOT SECURE. It has never done so before. Any thoughts? Have you been hacked?

  2. Ronda you amaze me with all the beautiful finishes! and to the ladies who sent them to be finished and passed on, Bravo! you are also amazing to share your talents with others you may never know. Loved them all.

  3. Deb, and others,

    Don’t worry about the “not secure” message. I’m sure Jo hasn’t been hacked! Apple has started adding that warning to sites that use “http” instead of “https”. But the only place that really matters is on sites where you will be entering information like passwords and credit card numbers. Here is an explanation:

    You’ll see it frequently on blogs, which still use the older http.

    It takes a software change to eliminate that message.

  4. Those are beautiful, bright, colorful quilts. Very nice job by all those involved. Thanks to all for sharing.

  5. My husband is having some ongoing, fairly serious, health issues and I always think of our wedding vows.. whoever originally wrote ‘In sickness and in health’ was very astute! When we said those vows many years ago, in the glory of our youth (yes, now 20’s seems like our youth), who knew that one day, those vows would be so meaningful? There have been times throughout our marriage that I have muttered to myself “for better, for worse” when things have been difficult between us… but those words got me through many years of feeling frustrated and helped me to stick with our marriage. I feel sorry for married couples that didn’t take their vows seriously… they are magical words that we spoke on our wedding days.
    I am so sorry about what you are going through. Doctors can be so frustrating and so can nurses but suddenly, out of the blue, you get to talk to one or have one helping you that is a miracle… understanding, kind, and explains everything carefully and simply and seems to really care about both the patient and the spouse! Those doctors and nurses are a credit to their profession and help the patient feel like they can carry on another day. Hang in there and stay in your routine as much as you can… that not only helps you but helps your family cope with the situation. Routine means we know what to expect. Am crossing my fingers and saying a wee prayer that your test comes out ok because Mamma has to be there for everyone, know everything and be in control.

  6. Ronda, such beautiful finishes again! Great donations from Nikki and Linda and Debbie!

    Deb, thank you for the explanation and link about “not secure”. I had seen this and wondered too.

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