Community Quilts from Ronda

I got a nice email from Ronda showing some of the fun community quilts that she has been working on…It’s a treat as there are three of them!!

Ronda writes:
I have three more quilts to share with you today.  The first one was a top and backing that you forwarded on to me from Maryanne C. in Perkasie, PA.  I made the binding from some fabric that came from you, Jo.  This quilt finished at 50″ square and was donated to the Ronald McDonald House.
I’m thinking with the lions, tigers, zebras, bears, etc. on the back, that some child might like to use it with the backing up instead

Do you remember the quilt with those cute frogs appliqued on each block?  This next top with the… bunnies appliqued on it was made by the same quilter, Susan T. of Claremore, OK. 

She definitely has the talent for applique!   I embroidered eyes and whiskers on each bunny just for fun.  This quilt is 55 X 60 and also went to the Ronald McDonald House.”

Karen V. of Utah sent fabric and a pattern to me for the next quilt. I didn’t use the pattern she sent though as I was in the process of trying to find some fabric to use for another pattern.  As it turned out, her fabric was just enough for this top along with some scraps sent to me from Judy M. of Lynchburg, VA.  The backing came from Linda L. of Pardeeville, WI.  This quilt is 57 X 73 and was donated to Opportunities Unlimited.”

Yahoo!!  Such pretty quilts and all made with a wonderful amount of teamwork.  I love seeing the quilts that Ronda sends as many of them I have never seen before.  So many of you are sending quilt tops directly to Ronda.  If you want to send things directly, to a group that is part of our charity team, you certainly can.  You can find all of their information in this LINK.

Thanks so much for all your hard work Ronda and thanks to all who donated!  It is appreciated!

26 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Wow. More quilts beautifully finished with the continuing grace of Ronda and skill and generosity from others. Always love to see these posts from Ronda, Ray, and so many others. Ronda, what is the pattern of the last quilt?

    1. Roxanne, I almost never use the same pattern twice, and I have looked thru all of my pattern binders and can’t find this particular one, so I must have given it away when I was done with it. I don’t remember what it was called, I’m sorry!

    2. I figured out the pattern, if you are interested. I make at least one quilt for a veteran per year and am going to do this in red, white, and blue.

  2. Ooo, love the last one-would love to know what pattern she used. I’ve been trying to get info from you re: one of your volunteers. Didn’t you say you had one in TX? I’d like to get some stuff to her if you do. Thanks!

    1. Barbara Schamell

      About the quilt we are all drooling over ( it really is lovely) I do not know name of pattern but going by finished dimensions given, the inner square is a 5″ block surrounded by 2 1/2″ rectangles . That block in turn is surrounded with 5″ blocks 4 of which have one snowballed corner. I hope this helps. I plan to try making this.

          1. I should make a block first, but usually when you use 2 ½” strips, you cut 4 ½” squares, because when you sew 2 ½” squares together they end up 4 ½”. When I try to figure out a block I see somewhere, I make an “orphan block”.

              1. That’s it! Nice size blocks. I am still making the smaller block using 3 ½” blocks. Instead of the narrow rectangle with the corner triangle, I simplified it by adding the corner to a 3 ½” square.

              2. YES! That is the pattern I used ~ and I have no idea what I did with it when I was done with it. Like I said, I must have passed it on to another quilter.

  3. Those turned out great, Jo! It’s always nice to see what Ronda has been up to using the charity items sent her way. Sending out a special thank you to all of the contributors who had a part in the making of those quilts!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    These are just lovely, beautiful work on each one—- especially the quilting. Thanks to all your “helpers” for the part they provided to the finished quilts.

  5. Love the last one sent to Opp. Unl. Would you be able to get and send pattern. It looks like a great use of scraps. Something I am trying to do during my Covid inspired time off. I could draft it out but…..
    Thanks and a great job you are doing-all of your tireless quilters.

    1. Looks like 16” (finished) blocks with 4 1/2”(finished) border. Easy-peasy. I love the diagonal border! Just might have to head downstairs to start pulling fabrics for this one… ;-)

      1. I made a 12” finished size block. Cut squares 3 ½”. Little center around the center 3 ½” block are 2”x3 ½” and 2” x 6 ½” . You need (4) 2” squares (draw line down middle). Sew and flip on four corners.

        1. Barbara Schamell

          I see what you are saying now. I guess it would be best for me to make a trial block first. For me it is sometimes easier to actually make the block than to conceptualize it in my head. Thanks for your input.

    1. I agree. I do hope someone knows about this quilt or can figure out the blocks. I think if we had the blocks we could figure out the rest. Happy Creating.

  6. After looking at the pattern Ronda used and her quilt I have to pass on a little more praise. She added a lot of sparkle by frequently using three fabrics per block instead of two, emphasizing different parts of the block design. She also added a terrific HST border that really sets it off. She knows how to have fun with fabric! Love this!

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