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I have quilts that will be donated on from Ronda to share with you today.  I have to laugh.  If you’re a long time reader here you know that I often show Community Quilts on Thursday.  Well I am reliant on finishers to provide that pictures and commentary for me to write those posts.  I can’t tell you how often it’s Tuesday night and I think, “oh no.  I won’t have a community quilt post this week as no quilts came in.”  Then I wake up on Wednesday morning and quilts pictures came in from three different quilters.  It’s happened often enough now that I don’t fret about it…quilts are always being worked on now more than ever.

Ronda writes:

I’ve finished up a couple of quilts to share with you.  Up first, this was a top sent to me from Diane S. of Rosemount, Minnesota.

The backing came from LaNan E. of Primghar, Iowa and was a perfect complement to this top.
LaNan sent quite a lot of yardage of this backing, so I will be using it on several other red, white, and blue tops.
The binding came from my stash.

This quilt finished at 43 X 46, which is a great size for the Ronald McDonald House.

 Next up…this was a quilt kit sent to me from Judy M. of Lynchburg, Virginia.  I had this top cut out just as the coronavirus was ramping up everywhere and then felt guilty for using all of this batik fabric in a quilt when masks were in demand.

But, it was too late as the pieces were too small then to make a mask with.

Anyway, the pattern is called Perfect Moment and finished up at 46 X 56.  I used the new black sheet that you sent me, Jo, for the backing and it worked out great with the batiks in the top.
The binding was included in the kit.

This is a good size for wheelchair use, so will go to Opportunities Unlimited.

WOW…what wonderful quilts.  I love the quilting motifs on both of them.  It makes me wish I had the computer software for my quilting machine to do pantos.  I’ve long since given up on doing pantos manually.  Everyone tells me that it’s no big deal to do them but alas, it’s one thing I’ve given up on in life.

Anyway…back to the quilts.  I love them both and am so happy to see the donated items being sent Ronda’s way.  I love it when the longarm charity quilters get support from all of you!  THANKS a million for that…and as always, thanks so much Ronda.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Beautiful quilts. Loved the quilting patterns. Is the center of the 1st quilt a variation of the Hawks nest ?
    Hi to La Nan E. From Primghar. I grew up in Cherokee got to go to Primghar often

  2. Another true group effort, Jo. SEW lovely!
    I hear you on the computer for pantos. Although, I haven’t yet given up all hope (there isn’t much chance of a computer EVER being attached to my machine!)

  3. What great quilts. I especially like the red white and blue quilt. With all the donated parts, it was meant to be! Great job everyone!

  4. I don’t have the computer software for my machine, either. I do all my pantos manually. I can’t justify spending the huge amount of money the software costs as I don’t quilt for anyone but myself, my sister, and then the community quilts. By the way, Judith Fairchild, I was born in Paullina and still have relatives living there. It’s a small world! Paullina is right between Primghar and Cherokee.

  5. Thanks go to everyone for donating to these community quilts, and especially to quilters like Ronda who also invest their time, creativity and skills! Wonderful efforts by all!

  6. All of these finishes make me smile, many hands willing to share and help others with there talents. Great job ladies

  7. I love the leaf design of the quilting. Is this a pattern that can be purchased? It is very nice.
    Rose Maddux

  8. Wonderful finishes! I’ve only done one pantograph quilt and that was the first one I ever did on the long arm and that was right after my first long arm lesson. I had the person right there with me helping me load and set up the pantograph. Haven’t done another since and that was 11 years ago! I need to practice them since all I do is several freehand patterns which get me by for my personal use.

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