Community Quilts from Robin

Robin from CA sent photos of three of the quilts she recently finished.

Robin writes:

“Adelle in Utah sent three quilt tops to me to finish. Along with the tops, she also provided the backing and binding fabric, which was greatly appreciated.  They were all beautifully pieced. They all measured around 60 x 60 or a bit larger.  That is a good size for a lap quilt for an adult so I will be donating these to a local assisted living to be used in their activity / TV room.

Thanks to Adelle for sending the tops.  I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated by the residents at the assisted living facility.”

Jo writing now…
First up is a nine patch with alternating square…all scrappy a pretty.

I can’t tell from the photos is the backing fabric maps??  Tell me if you thing I’m right.

The green binding fabric was a great choice.

Next up is…a sheep quilt…I know you’re thinking WHAT?  I don’t see sheep.  Initially, I didn’t either.

Look closely the picture is upside down.  I tried to turn the photo that Robin sent but once I turned it, that looked silly so I’m asking you to use your imagination and imagine it turned.  The black squares are the sheep’s feet and what looks like top hats is really the sheep’s head.  The pink one is a pink sheep…all fancy in pink.

That looks like some intense piecing on the seep as it’s made of all squares not larger strips.

This one is my favorite of the three.  I love the rich colors.  I love stars so of course I really like this one.

That was a great background and binding choice too.  I love it!!

Great work Robin and thanks so much Adelle for the wonderful donation.  You two make a great team!! It’s wonderful that these quilts will comfort the people at this assisted living home.

15 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Robin”

  1. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful quilts. I make quilts like the first one as leaders-enders for charity quilts, mainly baby size, using either 4 patches or 9 patches. A local guild finishes them up and gives them to local hospitals. I’ve seen the sheep pattern but didn’t realize it was all squares. Wow, lots of piecing. I just bought a Corey Yoder pattern with sheep. I need to go see how it is constructed now. I like the idea of a blue or pink sheep for baby quilts. Great job!

  2. Adelle, these are really nice quilts. Such variety. I especially love the last one but I may have to try making the sheep. Robin, great job on the quilting/finishing of these quilts.

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