Community Quilts from Ray: The mail edition

Ray has mail and a quilt to share with us today…

Ray writes:
It has been a while since I got any mail which has allowed me to attempt to get some organization started as well as to get a few quilts finished, Today I received a big, wonderful box from Lena E. in VA. Lena has sent me tops in the past and sent me some more. 

But before I get to the tops, check out this stack of string blocks she sent. The stack has to be at least 3 inches high. All the blocks are 6 1/2 inches square. Those will definitely make a couple of awesome quilts.

1)  This is a panel or actually two and a half panels that have not been cut apart. I think it makes a great quilt just like it is. It measures 41 x 61.

2)  The colors and patterns in this …sampler quilt are awesome. I love the piano key border. It measures 58 x 78.

3)  Here is another colorful quilt. I think it is a square in a square. There are so many squares in it, I am not sure what I am seeing. Love it anyhow and will definitely be an I Spy. It measures 39 x 46.

4)  Next is a wave pattern quilt. What a scrap buster!! Every time I look at it I see something new. Great quilt, It measures 39 x 53.


5)  Check out this scrappy pluses quilt. Another great scrap buster! Love the variety of colors. It measures 60 x 72.

6)  Here is another square in a square variety of quilt. Bye, bye scraps; hello beautiful quilt. It measures 54 x 77.

7)  I believe this is a brick quilt and looks like it could be strip friendly. This one is also packed with variety and color. It measures 52 x 77.

8)  Jo this one has to be for you as I know how much you love shirt quilts. I love how it has such a comforting look and feel to it. It measures 54 x 76.

9)  Here is another adorable sampler quilt. Love the mix of patterns and colors. It measures 41 x 41. Lena sent backing and binding with this one.

10)  The last one is a gorgeous Christmas table topper. It measures 29 x 29. Just in the nick of time to get it finished for the Holiday Bazaar at church.

I also received a package from Patty K in FL. She never misses reading your blog and saw all the Quilts of Valor that I recently finished. Patty emailed me to thank me for doing what I do. Turns out she is an Air force veteran and her husband is a veteran as well. She decided that Steve, who is an Army veteran, needed a QOV and made one for him and one for me for all I do. I am not a veteran but hold vets in very high regard. I just barely missed the draft with my number.

Attached are the two quilts. The panel quilt is 61 x 63…and the Irish chain is 49 x 49. Both are very much appreciated.

Well, Ray is going to be a really busy guy tackling all of these tops.  It’s wonderful that you all are so supportive of him and the other longarms.  It is so appreciated.  I am eyeing the “wave” quilt.  I’d really love to make one of those in those bright fun colors.  Thanks for sharing this with us Ray!


2 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray: The mail edition”

  1. I love seeing all the quilts made from scraps. I’m trying to make something with my pile of scraps. Ray does a beautiful job of quilting. Thanks to Jo for starting this community of generous quilters who share their fabric, time and talent to help others have a comfort and warmth.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Thanks Lena E for sending such an amazing group of colorful tops for Ray to finish. Patty K thanks for honoring Steve and Ray with Quilt of Valor quilts. A nice gesture Patty K !

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