Community Quilts from Ray-Mailcall!!

I have emails in from Ray.  I have some from his mailbox and some from the longarm.   I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do.

Ray writes:
I got a wonderful box of goodies from Karen G. in OH that I wanted to share with you.

*  The first quilt is a rail fence quilt that makes excellent use of leftover scraps and strips. She added a wonderful wide border on it to frame it ever so beautifully. It measures 43 x 51.

*  The next quilt is pinwheels, which is another great scrap buster. It measures 57 x 73.

*  The last quilt is a hexagon quilt with 6 point stars in it. All hand pieced. Amazing!! It measures 67 x 82.

Last but not least is a group of goodies. Love that big stack of charm squares. There is a bag of already pieced blocks and extra cut fabric to make more blocks. Another set of star blocks that are a bit smaller than the quilt blocks above. I need to investigate what the last group of blocks are for. More learning for me.

Thank you Karen for your generosity.

I received a very nice box in the mail today from Donna P in FL. Or at least she was in FL. Per her email she and her husband are RVers. In other words, they spend the winter in an RV in central Florida to avoid the worst of the winter up north. Editorial comment, I can not imagine living for a period of time in an RV. I need space number 1. Number 2 when I am cutting and pinning and sewing and ironing, I need space. Thank you Donna for the quilts I am about to share. I do not know how you do it, but thanks.

The first quilt is a rail fence block that has a layout that I have never seen before. It took me a while to break it down but it is made up of rail fence blocks, Love the uniqueness of it as well as the beautiful blue and white fabrics. It measures 47 x 52.

The other 4 quilts are jelly roll strip quilts. The first one has a wide variety of fabrics in it, including a lot of pinks. It measures 43 x 62.

The next one has a lot of neutrals in it and it measures 46 x 64.

The next one has a lot of red and white and a bit of blue and is pretty much all boy. It measures 60 x 62.

The last one is almost all greens. Need to set it back for Saint Paddy’s Day. It measures 60 x 64.

Donna also sent a nice bundle of jelly roll strips that I can make another jelly roll quilt. 

Thanks again Donna and safe travels.

Frances C. in AK emailed me that she had some quilt tops that she wanted to send to me. I shared my address with her and told her that postage from Alaska to Florida could be expensive. She said she would check it out and decide what to do. She sent them and they are beautiful. She does an excellent job of piecing and color combination. So here is the show.

* This is a beautiful star pattern quilt made out of Christmas fabrics. Stars, stars, and more stars. It measures 63 x 64.

*  This is another wonderful Christmas quilt. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the pattern. I think I am going to call it a Christmas cactus quilt until I am corrected. It measures 62 x 81.

*  Another Christmas quilt. The center blocks remind me of a bow tie pattern but that does not seem right. Love the houses at the top and bottom of the quilt. It measures 61 x 81.

*  This is a 9 patch quilt with an Irish chain look to it. Love the red gingham blocks that really make this quilt shine. It measures 77 x 85.

*  WOW!! The rich colors in this quilt, especially the purple, grabs you and holds on to you. This is a 36 patch pattern. It measures 61 x 74.

*  This is the baby of the bunch at 37 x 44. More beautiful purples only as houses.

*  This is a flannel quilt with Christmas llamas in many of the blocks. Adorable and snuggly. It measures 62 x 82.

* This is another flannel quilt in an around the world type pattern only set on point. Love those rich colors in it. It measures 77 x 77.

*  One more dose of Christmas with beautiful Christmas trees and stars set off with red gingham. Ho, ho, ho!! It measures 66 x 66.

If that was not enough, look at all the UFO blocks she sent also. These will be great staters for some more small quilts.

Thank you, Frances.

I’m so happy to see all the wonderful goodies you all are sending Ray’s way.  Every time I get done putting together a community quilt post, my heart is happy.  Thanks so much to everyone.  I can’t wait to see how Ray finishes all of these!!



10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray-Mailcall!!”

  1. Ray is a wonderful quilter. I’m sure that in no time he will have all those beautiful quilts done up in style! I especially love the purple with little houses! So many people with so much talent!
    God bless us everyone!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    All the quilts are good to great. But my favorite is the purple houses quilt. It reminds me of mom calling us home to supper as the sun has gone down. Such a lovely feeling since I miss my mom. Sweet sweet memories.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Praises to Karen G ,Donna P, and Frances C ! Love all of your quilt tops– the different patterns, color combos and beautiful stitching!! What fun for Ray to apply his “magic” of quilting for wonderful finishes! Thanks to all.

  4. I wonder if the longarmers as well as the folks like the Lutheran ladies Jo jazz ETC, are thinking about passing their talent along to others so this wonderful outreach will live on ???

  5. You all do amazing with the randomness of what you are sent. I think those triangle blocks are part of an “Ocean Waves” quilt block. Have fun with your investigation.

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