Community Quilts from Ray and Virginia

Happy things in my email again…this time, community quilts from Ray.

Ray writes:

Here are some pics of a quilt that I just finished that came from the Cresco ladies. It is a beautiful quilt that measures 47 x 57.

You just have to love the scrappiness and colors in this quilt. I choose a butterfly pattern for the quilting to go with the yellow butterfly strips in the quilt. Looks like they are floating around in a big flower garden.

The yellow backing came from a bargain basement sale I found a couple of months ago. It is now ready to go on the pile of quilts to donate and add a little something extra to someone’s day.

Many thanks to all who helped make this quilt possible. I could not have done it without you.”

The next quilt for today is coming to you from Virginia.  She is a newer helper on the charity quilt list.

Today she is sharing a quilt top that Deb in Wisconsin made.

Virginia writes:

What a cool layout! It’s such a simple quilt block but the layout makes it look so complex. Loved working on it. Several in my quilt group took pictures of it so there may be more of this pattern layout done in the future.

I finally finished one of the quilts you had sent to me about a year ago. Why the delay? No batting. Was saving up to buy some then Covid hit and I was out of work for a while. I’m back to work but my hours have been cut so really have to watch the budget. I used what I call a “Frankenbatt” on this quilt. If/when I get another large batting, I’ll do the other quilt top as well. 

Where is this quilt going? It will be going to a crisis center in our community (Bagley, Minnesota). They mostly help battered women but there are other reasons that people end up in crisis and the center helps them as well.”

WOW…what fun quilts.  I too like the layout of Virginia’s quilt.  I have never played with a rail fence block to see the different designs that would be possible with it.  Thanks so everyone for making them happen.

Is there anyone who has an extra batting and would be willing to share it with Virginia?  I would so appreciate it if someone would be so kind and send one her way.  It’s a challenge to find people willing to help finish quilt tops so when I have one that will, I like to get the supplies they need to them.  Here is Virginia’s email.  (I checked this address and it says “ymail”.  If that doesn’t work I guess try gmail.)  You can contact her and get her address on where to send the batting.  THANKS SO MUCH!!




7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Virginia”

  1. Both quilts are adorable! Great job everyone! Jo I really enjoyed reading the chili post!!! It’s so funny how everyone is different!!!

  2. I will reach to Virginia. I might send her money instead off batting as that is easier. I do having batting but it is hard to mail. Happy Creating.

  3. I have found that you can use a quilted mattress pad as batting in your quilts. I can usually get them at a second hand store for $1-2. They are single, double or queen size pads, and are lightweight so they work very well.

  4. Jo, can you check on that e-mail address for Virginia in your article? I’m thinking it should be a “gmail” address.

    Such beautiful results from four volunteers! Ray and the Cresco quilters did a wonderful job. Yellow is my favorite color, and I hope that another yellow-lover will get the string quilt. Congratulations to Virginia for joining the group of volunteer quilters. Virginia did such nice work on Deb’s quilt. Deb’s layout for the split rail fence quilt is striking! I’ve never seen it before. What creativity. Thanks to all you volunteers for creating such beautiful quilts that will be loved for a long time to come.

  5. What a beautiful lay out on the rail fence quilt!
    Thank you to Ray and Virginia for taking the time to do such wonderful work!
    Love and prayers

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray and Virginia are to be commended for the beautiful work done on the charity quilts and of course to the quilters who passed them along in the first place. Many hands complete much work!!

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