Community Quilts from Ray and Linda

Ray said he has a little lull in customer quilts so does the man take a break? Nope. Not Ray. He forges on with community quilts.
Ray writes:

I had an opportunity to longarm some community quilts and am now working at getting them bound so I can share them with you. This quilt is from Linda F. in AZ.

She sent me a bunch of beautiful tops made with lots of batik fabrics. This top has alternating blocks of a 4 patch and then a single block. She arranged the 4 patches with dark and light fabrics to create a bit of an Irish chain look. Love it.

I went with the stipple motif and bone-colored thread to let the beauty of the quilt shine through.

My thanks to you, Linda, and the backing supplier for the pieces to this awesome community quilt.

I got the finishing touches on this beauty from Linda F. in AZ.

The white stars really pop against the bold batik backgrounds in the quilt. She also slipped in a narrow rail fence block in between the star blocks just to add some additional interest to the layout. Great quilt.

There was so much activity with the stars that I used the stipple motif with a bone-colored thread for the longarming.

My thanks to you, Linda and the backing donor for providing the elements to make this quilt a reality.

Yes, I am still working my way through the stack of quilt tops that Linda F. in AZ sent to me. She sent me a few that were based on the Jacob’s Ladder pattern. However, she created them so that they each have a totally different look.

This one is made from a variety of purple colors and patterns and really shows a diagonal pattern that is central to Jacob’s Ladder.

I used the stipple motif because the quilt pattern is so strong.

I used a light gray thread on the top to blend with the gray background print and a purple on the back to blend, Awesome quilt.

My thanks to you, Linda and the backing provider for the elements to make this wonderful community quilt.

WOW…I love all of these quilts. Linda is a real talent when it comes to putting colors together. All of these quilts really shine. Many thanks to Linda and the people who donated the backing fabric…and as always to Ray for pulling it all together! Great work RAY!!

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Linda”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Gorgeous quilts. Good work everyone. These were fun to see. All different but all special some receivers of these quilts are going to be very happy.

  2. What beautiful quilts! Both the quilt tops and the quilting and binding are so nice. A true labor of love that will be a blessing for the recipient!

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    Beautiful quilts, simply done but soft and colorful, with great quilting by Ray. Thanks to all for thoughtful quilts.

  4. Great use of design and color by Linda to create beautiful quilts tops. Thanks to Ray for finishing them with such care. It was so nice to have a quilt show this morning!

  5. Wowee! More beauties from Linda & Ray! Each one is a real gem! I loved seeing them! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. Such beautiful quilts! Linda creates such beauties and Ray adds his beautiful quilting. Many thanks to Linda and Ray.

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