Community Quilts from Ray and Laurie

Ray has been blessed with some awesome mail that he’s sharing with us today…and then I have a VERY awesome team-up I want to share with you.

Ray writes:
I got a box of 5 quilt tops in the mail from Elaine C in NY. First I am going to tell you about the tops and at the end, I am going to tell you what I discovered. Maybe you already knew this, but I did not. She taught this “old dog” a new trick.

The first quilt was this gorgeous quilt with polar bear fabric. I love the use of the feature blocks and the pieced blocks. The colors are wonderful and the polar bears are absolutely adorable. It measures 48 x 60.

The next quilt is made from Fig Tree fabrics from the Strawberry Fields collection. She does not recall the pattern but it is great for that line of fabrics. It measures 45 x 56.

Next is a …panel quilt. It just almost makes me want to play in the snow. Almost… The panel is inside the 3 outer borders. Love the outer borders and the use of the matching fabric on the middle border. Beautiful. She also included some blue fabric for the backing with snowflakes and Merry Christmas in it. It measures 56 x 58.


The fourth quilt was a batik from Timeless Treasures called Jungle Fever. OMG!! Love the batiks. She also included backing for this one as well. It is black with earth tone leaves. It measures 41 x 49.

The last quilt is from Moda and is called Pampered Pooch. It is made of vintage type fabrics with a dog theme. She included fabric for backing and binding with this one. It measures 64 x 64.

The note on the last quilt says it is one of the first sample quilts she made for Quilt Basket, a quilt shop in NY. I had to check out the shop at Surprise! They are the originators of Cuties. A Cutie is 9″ by 22″ or fat of a fat quarter. They specialize in Cutie patterns which typically require a Cutie bundle which is 16 Cuties. What a find!! Now I know what to do with those leftovers that are not quite a fat quarter. Check it out.

Thank you, Elaine.”

Next up is the AWESOME quilt I want to share with you…

Finisher Laurie sent this but the quilt has a Ray connection.
Laurie writes:
This was sent to me from our own Ray in Florida. He said that it was sent to him by a blog reader. It was embroidered by hand by EW who started working on it 9/19/12 & finished the embroidery on 4/20/13.”

WOW, right??

Laurie’s machine quilting is above and beyond. Simply AMAZING!!

What a great backing too.

I sure hope that EW, the person that did the embroidery gets to see this.  What great work and how generous to donate it.

Laurie’s work is above and beyond.  I can see why Ray opted to pass this one to Laurie to finish.  I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle it, but Laurie, WOW…you made this great quilt SHINE!!

The quilt finishes at 80” x 95”.

Are you all as impressed as I am???

MANY thanks to all who donated and made the quilt happen.  A big thanks also to Elaine C in NY who sent the first quilts that were featured in this post.  Amazing work everyone!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Laurie”

  1. Beautiful quilts! Thanks to all who helped make this worthy to donate. Loved the batik one, also the last one. Amazing work by all!

  2. The embroidered quilt is beyond stunning and the quilting puts it into award winning status.
    I hope it gets donated to a charity fundraiser— just absolutely beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous work on the quilting! Wonderful embroidering! Whoever receives this beauty will be a very lucky recipient! What a wonderful village of sewists! Pure joy all around!

  4. WOW! Those are all wonderful – and the embroidered one is a show-stopper! Such generosity from all – many thanks to them!

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Wonderful quilts from Elaine C for Ray to finish! E W provided a stunning embroidered masterpiece for Laurie’s beautiful quilting! A big thank you for all.

  6. Judith M Fairchild

    Wow!!!!! What a lovely batch of quilts Ray I fully understand why you sent the embroidered quilt to Laurie. It looks like embroidered perfection and only a very experiened quilter can do the honors to that work. Well done quilt top makers and machine quilters.

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