Community Quilts from Ray and Karin

Yahoo…I have quilts to share with you today.  Ray and Karin have both been busy and sent quilts my way.

I’ll show you Ray’s quilt first.  He writes:

“I had a small break in commission quilts and looked at the tops I have and decided I wanted to finish this one from Arline H. in North Fort Myers. When I saw this one in the stack from Arline, it immediately caught my eye.

Not only are the batiks she used gorgeous, but the pattern is most interesting. From what I can tell, it started out as a regular jelly roll quilt. Then when it was assembled she cut across it at a 45-degree angle and then reattached it to give the quilt the angle. I am sure the pattern can be found via Google. Arline included backing and binding with the top.
I did not use the backing Arline supplied and chose a batik that Judy C. in IL sent me. I am saving the green flannel for another project that I have in the works. I decided to use the leaf motif for the quilting.
Besides the leaves in several of the batiks, the colors remind me of the croutons we have so many of in Florida. Thanks to you, Arline, and Judy for your generous contributions to make this very beautiful quilt.”

Next up is a quilt from Karin…
She has been on fire with finishing quilts!!

Karin writes:
This was one that you recently sent me, and it appears to be a panel with borders added to it.

I used gold thread and my embroidery machine to quilt a flower motif inside each square, then added a repeated, matching corner motif along the top and bottom paisley areas.
Simple straight lines, in the same gold thread really added a fun texture to the added borders. You sent me the backing, as well, and my stitching blends in so well, you can’t even see it!!  I used the quick self-binding method to finish it off.  It measures up at 48×37 and will go on to Grand Living, an assisted care facility in Lecanto, FL

Here’s a bonus treat…another quilt from Karin.  She writes:

This fun little number looks like maybe originated with the Cresco ladies? It seems to be their style with such attention to detail. 

The little porthole squares each contain a fussy-cut whimsical underwater friend. Their mix of four patches and tonal or solid large squares really make this a fun and bright quilt.  I used a fancy stitch across the blocks, but a straight stitch in the ditch around the portholes, to keep it lighthearted and fun.

The whales and bubbles of the back keep the ocean theme going. Finishing up at 44×35, this one is perfectly sized for Quilts for Kids. Thanks for letting me participate in the blessings!”

WOW…those were all great quilts going to great causes.  If anyone has backing fabrics and wants to send them Karin’s way, that would be awesome.  She has become an important link in getting these quilts into the hands of those that can use them.  If you email me at, I can get Karin’s address to you.  I think it is so important to support those who are finishing these quilts.  THANKS SO MUCH!


8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Karin”

  1. Beautiful quilts! The jelly roll one is quite interest. I like the little ones too. Such fun colors. Thank you Ray and Karin for your beautiful quilting and to the others who notated their time making the quilts and donating.

    1. Marie Ann Mann

      Thank you for the link – great variation of the Jelly Roll Race. Marie in Western Australia.

    2. Nance, thanks for this! I really like this treatment of Jelly Roll Race. There is a similar pattern that uses all squares, then it is cut and becomes a diagonal set. Thanks again!

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