Community Quilts from Ray and Jeanne

Some of the unsung heroes behind the community quilt project are the people who make the tops and donate them. Someone who really needs a light shined on her is Jeanne. She has sent things to Ray and to Jazz. I so appreciate her donations and commitment to help others. Today Ray is showing off three quilts that he recently finished. All are tops that Jeanne sent.

Ray writes:
Jeanne M in AZ sent me some tops to finish and to donate and this is one of those tops.

I love how the yellow prints play off the gray background fabric in this variation of a rail fence quilt.

Lots of floral fabrics so I went with the daisy motif and yellow thread for the longarming.

Wonderful quilt! My thanks to you, Jeanne, and the backing provider for the pieces to put together this beautiful quilt.”

I finished this sweet, little quilt sent to me by Jeanne M. in AZ. Jeanne makes wonderful quilts and this is no exception.

I used the stipple motif to longarm it with a rust colored thread on the top and black thread on the back.

My thanks to you, Jeanne and the back donor for the materials to finish this quilt.

I finished this great quilt from Jeanne M. in AZ. It was made from charm squares but it has a bit of a bargello pattern to the layout of the charms. So very nice and soothing.

There are a lot of swirls in many of the blocks. So I went with the twip motif which has swirls in it as well. Great combination.

My thanks to you, Jeanne and the backing provider for the parts to make this quilt. Yes, it is also headed to the Airing of the Quilts on March 16.

Ray and Jeanne make a great pair!! Jeanne makes great tops and Ray makes them really shine!! Many thanks to the two of you for all you do for the community quilt project!

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  1. Jeanne & Ray sure are a dynamic duo! These quilts are all just fabulous & made my whole evening (they were even better than my strawberry milkshake!)! Thanks for all your hard work, Jeanne & Ray! Great job!

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