Community Quilts from Ray and Friends

Finished quilt tops just keep pouring in.  A year or more ago I remember anxiously hoping someone would send me pictures of a finished top to so I’d have a charity quilt to feature on Thursday mornings.  Now I am getting so many in I never have to worry.  In fact, I’ve even added more slots in the blog to feature them.

Today’s quilts were finished by Ray.  He writes:
Attached is a pic of a quilt that I just finished. Actually all I had to do was add the binding. It is a really nice quilt, well made and measures 44 x 55.”

A couple of weeks ago you posted that I needed help with stash to complete quilts. Beth in Destin, FL reached out to me and then sent me a BIG box of stuff including fabrics, a flimsy, a partially assembled top and this quilt that needed binding.”

“Doreen in Fredericksburg, IA also sent me a box of fabric. In it was the binding fabric I used, yellow with pink polka dots. Truly a community quilt.”

Thanks to Jo, Beth and Doreen for the contributions to completing this quilt.

On to quilt #2….

“Just finished this quilt top that was made by the Cresco ladies. When I first saw it, all I could think was fun, From the cats with the stars to the bright colored squares print to the big star border, it was just fun.”

It was 38 x 45 when I got it and I added a gold swirl border to make it 42 x 49. Just the right size for a deserving child. Since there were stars in the prints, I decided to add a few more stars with the quilt pattern.”

“Even though the backing does not match the print used on the front, it just continues to add to the quilt as a whole.”

“Thanks to the Cresco ladies for another fun. creative top and to Jo for sending it on to me.”

Thanks so all of you worked to make these happen.  I say that I love writing these posts as I am reminded again and again that there are so many good people in the world silently doing the things and sadly to often they go unseen.  I want people to see the good we’re doing with charity quilts!!

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Friends”

  1. It makes me happy to see all the donation quilts! Lots of people involved too which is inspirational! Great job everyone!

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    These quilts are beautiful – great job. I am sure recipients will love and appreciate them!

  3. I so enjoy seeing what quilting motif Ray chooses. He sure does a wonderful job and it’s easy to see he puts thought and care into his quilting.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    The quilts you showed are so different and such fun. Yesterday I was at the laundromat washing quilt tops and material. It was fun I got so many questions in how long does it take and all the other things about quilting. I answered the questions and may have gotten someone else interested in quilting. It’s such a joy to share the love of quilting. Thanks Jo for today’s post.

  5. Great finishes on the charity quilts. It ‘s always fun to see how quilters combine all the “parts” they have to make a new quilt.
    I am wondering if you use a lighted magnifier when you cross stitch and which one do you recommend. Thanks

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