Community Quilts from Ray and Friends

Oh, Happy Day!!   Ray sent an email with more finished quilts to share!!

Ray writes:

I finished two community quilts that have great stories to go with them.

The first quilt has its beginnings with Stoney M. in Wisconsin. Stoney has sent me several quilts in the past to long arm and then donate. In the last batch of tops was a pattern and all the fabric needed to complete the top and the fabric was already precut. All that needed to be done was to sew it together. Maryann S. often brings me quilts to long arm and then she donates some and gives some to friends. She has seen Stoney’s quilts before and absolutely loved them. When she saw the pattern and the fabric, she asked if she could finish the top for me. I said sure.  Here it is…

Here it is finished….
Maryann completed the top and selected the backing to go with the top.

I used a stipple stitch for the quilting.

What a wonderful quilt and it looks like the puppies and kitties are ready to jump off the quilt and have some fun.


The second quilt has… its beginnings with Beth L. in Florida. Earlier this year the call went out that I needed some stash. Beth was one of many that answered the call and sent me fabric as well as some tops. One of the tops was the beginnings of a king size quilt. Instead of making one large quilt, Maryann S. helped me, and we broke the quilt down into smaller units for lap quilts.

Maryann finished this one and selected the batik backing for it.

There were so many colors and prints in the charm squares that I used a stipple pattern and a variegated thread on top and a gray on back.

The quilt looks so warm and cuddly and will be much appreciated.  Here it is all finished.

Many thanks to all for assisting with these two community quilts: Jo, Stoney, Beth, and Maryann.”

There’s a treat for you today…I’m showing three quilts from Ray.  He’s been busy!!

Ray writes:

I have been busy on the longarm again. This is the first of two tops I just longarmed that came for the Cresco ladies. This quilt measures 49 x 55. It is truly a scrap quilt that is made by sewing strips of fabric onto a fabric square to anchor them.

Most of them do not have a border but this one does and it really sets it apart from the rest.

I used flannel instead of batting and got along really well with it. I am always learning something new. After much encouragement, I tried free motion quilting.

I am definitely not a free motion quilter. Lesson learned. My hat is off to all of you that can do free motion. I will stay with the computerized patterns.

Many thanks to Jo and the Cresco ladies for this quilt. It is now ready for the donation pile that has lately been going to Hope Healthcare.”

Ray was absolutely right.  What fun stories to go with both of these quilts!!  I love them ALL!

P.S. Ray I think your free-motion was just great!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Friends”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Free motion is fun once you get used to it. Dream up your own swirls and pointy swings and enjoy seeing what comes up. Perfection is a fantasy. Fun isn’t.

  2. Jo and your readers are totally AWESOME!! Been a bit of a rough few days. This blog post and the encouragement put a BIG smile on my face. You are all the very best!!

  3. Great finishes Ray and I think your free motion quilting is just fine, you ventured into an uncomfortable place with your quilting but you went, Bravo! I always enjoy seeing your finished quilts, keep them coming.

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