Community Quilts from Ray and Frances

I have a quilt parade today that is sure to get you in the Christmas mood.  Ray teamed up with blog reader and quilt top maker Francess to bring you these great quilts.

Ray writes:
“I am still working on Christmas and winter-themed quilts for the church Holiday Bazaar. I love this beautiful quilt that Frances C in AK made and sent all the way to FL for me to finish.
The little houses at the top and the bottom say Home for the holidays to me. Then there are all the wonderful Christmas fabrics that she used.

I used the feather motif and a light-colored thread for the quilting just to soften the squares and to add some fill to the larger blocks.
The backing is from Arline H. Since the front was so light-colored, I decided to go bold on the back.

Frances included the scrappy binding with the quilt. Great quilt!! My thanks to you, Frances and Arline for your support in making this very special quilt.

I know I now live in Florida and it has been a few years since I have been in the midwest cold, but I am telling you this quilt from Frances C in AK is definitely warm and cuddly.

The top is primarily made of flannel fabric, Only the light-colored denim is not flannel.

The blocks with the llamas and the alpacas are adorable and add so much character to the quilt.

The backing is also flannel from Arline H in FL and compliments the darker colors on the front.

I needed a motif that would be able to stand two layers of flannel as well as batting. I decided to go with the Suzy Loops to give a good all-over quilting. I went with a bright red thread on the front to pick up the red in the alpaca blocks and a deep, dark red on the back to blend.

My thanks to you, Frances, and Arline for another warm quilt for the Holiday Bazaar.

There are certain ads that you only see during the holidays and one of those is the Coca-Cola ad with the polar bears. Well, this quilt from… Elaine C in NY with the polar bears reminds me of that ad. Those bears are so cute and their facial expressions say they are having fun.
Elaine says she does not recall the name of the pattern but it is a great pattern.

I used the star meander motif to blend in somewhat with the snowflakes.

The backing is from Arline H and really compliments the front fabrics.

My thanks to you, Elaine, and Arline for such a wonderful quilt to add to the Holiday Bazaar stack.

I finished another quilt from Frances C in AK that will put you in the holiday spirit.

You gotta love those pine trees. I can almost smell the pine scent. They are offset with wide red and white gingham sashing that makes the trees stand out that much more. Check out the red and gold stars! Beautiful!!

I dug through red fabrics and dug through red fabrics and nothing could hold up to the gingham. That is until I found this solid dark red fabric. It is not a perfect match but it does hold its own.

Besides, it makes the Christmas light motif with white thread POP.

My continued thanks to you, Frances, and the backing contributor for this wonderful quilt for the Holiday Bazaar.”

WOW…Do you see why I told you these quilts would put you in a Christmas mood?  I myself have not made a lot of Christmas quilts.  It seems I only want to sew in the season and being Thanksgiving is a season in our family, there isn’t a lot of time for Christmas sewing with everything else going on.

I just love the work Frances did to make these…so pretty….and Ray, great work as well.  Thanks to the two of you and all the others that donated backing, for letting us enjoy the Christmas quilt parade!


10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Frances”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Definitely put me into the Christmas mood. I like how Ray matches the quilting motif to the quilts plus great job choosing backings. The Christmas lights quilting was a great fun choice. I have to say the backings make a great look so whoever gets the quilts can use either side up for a change in looks without having to get a different quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful work by all. The fabric choices, creativity and workmanship make every quilt sparkle. Each finish is an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are Beautiful : ) Does a Tree Skirt count? I’ve made a few things for Christmas charities. Time just all of a sudden took off too fast.

  4. WOW! Love, love, love Frances’s pine tree quilt. And the light bulb quilting is perfect for it. The quilt makers and Ray’s quilting make these quilts scream “Christmas!”

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray. your choice of quilting motifs are exquisite as usual. The quilts tops and backings are just so festive. perfect for your Holiday Bazaar. Thanks Frances, Elaine and Arline H.

  6. I love all of these quilts!! My favorite is the blues/ purple stars. A great fabric choice makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

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