Community Quilts from Ray and Doris

Today I have quilts from Ray and Doris…

First up, Ray is in the house…well not my house, likely his house.  But he is here on the blog today with some of his great finishes.  We all know Ray as an amazing longarmer and charitable man donating many hours in service to those in need by finishing quilts but did you all know, he is a great quilt maker too.

Ray writes:
In March the church I am a member of had an Airing of the Quilts fundraiser. A lady parched a twister quilt that she really liked and then hunted me down as she wanted two more like it. At that time I had no idea what kind of pattern/tool was used to make it. You told me it was a twister tool and I went from there. I bought a twister template which came with instructions and started. I made a small test piece and confirmed that I truly understood how it all worked and then went in search of fabric that was as close to the original as possible. My pattern is a bit different as my blocks are a shade larger.  The original is on the left.  Mine is on the right.

I think I got pretty close to the colors and pattern.  I ended up making two for her. I was unable to find any backing that came close to the original and had to work with what I could find.

I used the double swirl quilting motif and bone color thread as was on the original.

My thanks to you for the assistance and guidance and to Kim for the original.”

Ray made this quilt using a twister ruler.  HERE is a link for the ruler.  There are many different sizes one can make.  I’ve made quilts using the mini and and the tiny.  They were so fun to make.  Kelli and I had a fun sewing day together about 10 years ago and each of us made a little table topper.  So FUN!

The next quilts come from Doris…

She has some nice quilts to share with us all..and a tread, she has two quilts.

Doris writes:
Jo, these two were made by Cresco ladies and will go to Quilts for Kids locally.

I had wine print backing and binding from my stash and quilted 3’s and E’s.

I was able to use the same backing for this one also and had green check for binding. Free motion swirls.

Thank you, Jo and Cresco ladies.”

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make these quilts happen.  I so appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray and Doris”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Twister quilts lookinteresting kind of like the notches in the boards that hold a drawer together. I’m going to check the template out. Thanks Jo and Ray for the information.

  2. Ray you did a wonderful job making your twister quilts. I didn’t know where my original ended up but I knew Jo would find a great home for it. I love making twister patterns and I’m glad you enjoyed making yours also.

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